Draconia Draconia A World Home To A Race Of Intelligent Dragons The Draconians Hatching A Human Colony Established On Draconia For A 10 Year Trial Period During This Time Draconians And Humans Would Learn To Trust Each Other And Form A Peaceful Co Existence In Exchange, The Earth Union Would Protect The Planet From Invaders.Seven Years Have Passed Since The Treaty Was Established For Seven Years, Draconians And The Humans Of Hatching Have Lived In Peace The Friendship Between Varthikes And Audwin McClance Has Blossomed Into A Brotherhood It Was All About To ChangeThe Earth Union Has Become Lax In Upholding Their End Of The Treaty Loyal Providence, Humans Who Oppose The Treaty, And Commander Slikmac Of The Lizard Like Norseen, Who Seeks To Control The Draconians, Have Formed An Alliance Together, They Launch A Devastating Attack On Draconia, Provoking A Renegade Group Of Draconians Into Attacking The Colony.Varthikes And Audwin Race To Repair The Fracture In Their Dream Of A Peaceful Co Existence, Battling Invading Norseen, Enduring The Brand Of Traitor From Both Sides And Tests To Their Friendship. As mentioned in my biography, about six years before I started work on Draconia, I started to create my own science fiction Universe Some of this Universe was hinted at in the first book, Draconia Forging Trust Audwin s brother, Farr, and the events surrounding his death Captain Johnson s relationship with Farr and the other officers of the Vancouver basically a lot of th
It s looking like I m going to have a review for every book in this series, so here goes This book picks up seven years from the previous one, but most of the characters from the first one also make an appearance here The writing is a little darker, and Hansen isn t afraid to kill off peripheral characters here and there However, positive themes run through this book, and, having started to read Rehatching, this appears to be the case for the entire tr
I found it confusing with so many dragons with similar names also to much jumping around making it hard to follow. Loved it was just as good as the first one and am going to start the next right away