That Glimpse of Truth

That Glimpse of Truth Profound, Lyrical, Shocking, Wise The Short Story Is Capable Of Almost Anything This Collection Of 100 Of The Finest Stories Ever Written Ranges From The Essential To The Unexpected, The Traditional To The Surreal Wide In Scope, Both Beautiful And Vast, This Is The Perfect Companion For Any Fiction Lover Here Are Childhood Favourites And Neglected Masters, Twenty First Century Wits And National Treasures, Man Booker Prize Winners And Nobel Laureates Featuring An All Star Cast Of Authors, Including Kate Atkinson, Julian Barnes, Angela Carter, Anton Chekhov, Richmal Crompton, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, Penelope Fitzgerald, Gustave Flaubert, Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, Ian McEwan, Alice Munro, V.S Pritchett, Thomas Pynchon, Muriel Spark And Colm T Ib N, THAT GLIMPSE OF TRUTH Is The Biggest, Most Handsome Collection Of Short Fiction In Print Today. I once read a teensy self published novel and put the boot into it because of all the typos Come on, I said, it s your damn novel, proofread it Now here is a nearly 1000 page long big important collection of short stories and blow me down, typos all over the place Anyway, I have been reading this big thing on and off since I got it 3 years ago and all due respect but it was a pretty lukewarm bunch of stuff Lot of them were just a little bit too subtle, I think Like, uh What was the point there Somebody explain it to me Do you like O Henry or would you ratherRead Barrie, Zweig, Saki and Cather Such sumptuous, extravagant choice Gogol, Dinesen, Cheever, Joyce By page 400 if you are ableTo carry on there s Isaac Babel.What could we possibly be missing Of course a little bit of GissingEtc EtcNot too many of these have made my all time favourites list but I did re
Been dipping in and out of this for a few years It s an historical narrative of the genre, rather than a Best 100 as the stories gradually move from old at the outset to contemporary by the end At least 30 are incredible stories, and the anthology is worth buying for these alone I thought another 40 or so strong, well strong according to my own p
The tales within Head of Zeus That Glimpse of Truth 100 of the Finest Short Stories Ever Written have been selected and introduced by David Miller The book s blurb states, Profound, lyrical, shocking, wise the short story is capable of almost anything , and goes on to describe the way in which the stories range from the essential to the unexpected, the traditional to the surreal Here are childhood favourites and neglected masters, twenty first century wits and national treasures, Man Booker Prize winners and Nobel Laureates.In his witty introduction, in which he leads an informed discussion about the power of the short story, Miller writes of the Herculean task of selecting the one hundred best tales ever written I ve tried to remain dispassionate, searching for the finest, ending up being wholly and, I d argue, usefully passionate I have spent weeks, then months, quarrelling with myself and others and, now there is a result, some will complain I ve not included a or y, or h or z or given due attention to the burgeoning literary genre or scene in delete as appropriate He goes on to say that as a short story is already a distillation, it gives the writer a far harder task to achieve everything, not just any thing Every thing in this book is as good as it can get.So many wonderful authors have been included in this anthology just glancing at the full list on the
Obviously, these are not really the 100 finest short stories ever written they are one person s selection Further, I note that David Miller works for a literary agent, and according to the credits a suspiciously high proportion of the contemporary authors are represented by his agency It s a global collection but inevitably biased towards the West But leaving those matters aside, there are some crackers here There are the obvious choices, like Chekhov, Munro, and Pritchett though I wouldn t have chosen the stories he did but I most enjoyed discovering authors I hadn t read before I was especially taken by Sean O Faolain his How to write a short story is witty and superb Other than honourable mentions go to John Cheever s The Swimmer, Palm Court by the unknown to me James Salter, the brilliant Live Bait by also unknown Frank Tuohy I laughed aloud at Georgina Hammick s The Dying Room, which revolves around an argument between an upper class mother and her son about what to call specific rooms in the house the English class system meticulously skewered Elsewhere I laughed at Wodehouse s consummate comic turns In the case of Angus McAllister, why, going a step further, have made hum a human being at all All the i
I asked for this book for Christmas last year and I took the whole year to read it 100 of the finest short stories ever written you don t zip through that, you savor that a couple of stories a week As with any anthology, I liked some stories better than others Some of my favorites were Fitzgerald s Babylon Revisited and Cheever s The Swimmer, neither of which I had previously read even though they are classics Other well known classics included in this collection include Shirley Jackson s The Lottery and Flannery O Connor s A Good M
Fairly decent collection of stories As it was said in the preamble they are personal choices of the author I did like the stories in varying degrees, and I might choose some stories differently, but I do acknowledge that it is quite nice cut through the century of authors. great collection but print book format is too big and heavy to hold to read I finally finally finished this, after years of reading it on and off I read it because of deciding to try to write some short stories, to see some of the finest examples of the form I kept getting stuck because I would come across a really bad story and then either struggle to want to finish it or expect the next one to be just like it, which it never was As you d expect with an anthology some of the stories in this collection are incredible Some are absolutely abysmal It s like the book equivalent of a lucky dip or Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans Hence three stars, on average.My favourite stories, in ascending order of favouriteness, were Forgotten Dreams by Stefan ZweigI remember it was good, but I forget what it was about.Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote by Jorge Luis BorgesMore of a pretentious joke than a story, but I did find it funny Very clever.The Index by J.G BallardIngenious Tells a story through one explanatory note and a fictionalised index Funny.The Nose by GogolIt s really hard to picture what is going on, but that doesn t make it any less compelling perhaps Wow.The Hare and The Tortoise by AesopGenius.A Cold Autumn by Ivan BuninA little jewel.A Little Ramble by Robert WalserMore of a journal entry note Flash fiction Poetic Poignant.The Toymaker and His Wife by Joanne HarrisMore flash fiction, but a clever and piercing fable.A Hunger Artist by Franz KafkaHow have I not read Kafka yet
I read only 38% of the stories or rather 28 of them.I found them on the whole slightly disappointing.Some were hard to understand Borges Pierre Menard and Pynchon s Entropy, one was just utterly boring MacLaverty s At the Beach.I liked Flaubert s a Simple Heart and Munro s story about the wife whose husband could only joke and whose parents didn t like her Also Barnes melancholic story of a recent widower on his Island holiday he
Some of these stories were not for me Some of them were a little strange, some were a little boring A lot of them had really interesting endings that weren t really endings But most of them, I really enjoyed, and wanted of each David Miller chose a great selection of stories for this collection.