Kwani? 04

Kwani? 04Following And Keeping Close To The Great Tradition Set By Its Three Predecessors, Kwani 4 Presents A Wail Of New Voices In Literary Concert With The Not So New The Now Established Talents Binyavanga Wainaina, Muthoni Garland, Doreen Baingana Share These Pages With The Fast Risers Billy Kahora, Mukoma Wa Ngugi And Shalini Gidoomal And Kwani 4 Has Delved Deeper Into The All Those Spaces Where The Kenyan Story Lives The Street Corners, The Neighbourhood Pubs, The In Between Semi Rural Places Where The Clash Of Cultures The Traditional Versus The Modern Continues To Redefine The Social Roles Of The Individual, Dismantle Patriarchal Constructs And Still Retain The Pithy Wit And The Devices Of Ancient Orature That Time And The Ritual Of The Communal Fireside Have Honed Still, As Though In Ridicule Of Such Notions Of Africa As Being The Continent On The Lee Side Of The Digital Divide, Kwani 4 Reaches Into The Burgeoning Realms Of The Kenyan Blogosphere To Bring Such Politically Aware, Borderline Intellectual And Only Two Degrees Shy Of Rebellious Voices Bringing A Fresh Look At The Old Themes Of Politics, Slices Of Life And Religion And Placing Them Alongside Such Taboo Subjects As Sex Beyond The Hetero Normative Ideal Kwani 4 Is Established In Africa As The Space For Cutting Edge New Fiction, Mind Provoking Non Fiction And Photo Essays And Witty Graphic Narratives. This anthology covers the spectrum in terms of the quality of the offerings From amazing works like the first story Kiririkano by Wambui wa Wanjiru which is an excerpt from her book of the same title to middling so so stories to truly horrendous stories like Selling World Power by Billy Kahora This is the second Kwani journal I ve picked up I m not one for poetry so I ll desist from commenting on the many poems featured An annoying occurrence from Kwani 1 continues here where the words on the blogs by the blogguy are not spaced making the whole blog one continuous stream of letters which makes it exceedingly tiring and irritating to read I m not sure if this is how the original blog posts appeared or if this is an editing problem with translating the blog to print but it is quite distracting and robs the reader of a potentially wonderful read The introductory story caught me by surprise I don t know how this writer and this book have escaped my attention and it s a pity I cannot get the book from any of the local bookshops The character is fleshed out beautifully and speaks to you The style, flow and pacing of the story will leave you begging for Anyone who knows where I can get this book, please let me know The next to last story was the worst of the lot That it was written by the assistant editor of Kwani makes it unforgivable The story is disj
Part 4 of the Kwani journal is intensely delightful It is worth noting that much of what I liked best was the non fiction, even though the short stories were equally good Some people here tried to paint what Kenya is, is like, and in the literary sense they succeeded. Excellent collection of stories, tales of the Kenyan condition told from all sorts of viewpoints Brilliant. blogged about it here

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