Darkest Before Dawn (KGI, #10)

Darkest Before Dawn (KGI, #10) The Kelly Group International KGI A Super Elite, Top Secret, Family Run Business.Qualifications High Intelligence, Rock Hard Body, Military Background.Mission Hostage Kidnap Victim Recovery Intelligence Gathering Handling Jobs The U.S Government Can TThe Enigmatic Hancock Has Been Both Opponent And Ally To The KGI Teams For As Long As They Ve Known Him Always Working A Deep Game, Hancock S True Allegiance Has Never Been Apparent, But One Thing Is For Certain He Never Lets Anything Get In The Way Of Duty.But Now, His Absolute Belief In The Primacy Of His Ultimate Goal Is Challenged By A Captive He S Been Ordered To Guard, No Matter How Much She Suffers In Her Prison She S The Only Woman Who S Ever Managed To Penetrate The Rigid Walls Surrounding His Icy Heart, But Will He Allow His Perplexing Feelings For The Beautiful Victim To Destroy A Mission He S Spent Years Working To Complete Or Will He Be Forced To Sacrifice Her For The Greater Good. 1 Pissed Off Stars Oh there will be spoilers and lots of gifs I am so pissed and disappointed right now I have waited forever for my beloved Hancock s story His story had such potential My Hancock, the super soldier, cold, hard, but good and redeemable under it all That is not what I got here See that is the problem when you love a character so much and you wait for their book, sometimes it doesn t live up to your expectations Well this book didn t just let me down, it blew my dreams of a yummy Hancock love to hell The first 30% of the book was so boring, repetitive, and tedious it took everything in me to power through Repeating over and over the same lines, thoughts, and inner struggle Then over the top, unnecessary details are the reason it took 50 pages to say what could have been covered in 10 tops At points my eyes glazed over and I just prayed for it to be over So in the first half of the book I really liked Honor I thought she was brave, sassy, and a fighter She had a sweet caring heart and a ton of courage Then it s like at about th
2 StarsI ve been such a huge fan of Maya Banks, but I m finding that most of her recent releases have been slightly less than lackluster for me lately While I loved the first five books in the KGI series, since book six it s been taking a significant decline for me The story lines are just OTT out there, the characters not quite what they used to be But still I was holding out hope for Hancock to finally bring this series back to what it used to be I ve been eagerly anticipating his book for years, so I was beyond excited to get my hands on Darkest Before Dawn.only to be disappointed.The first 25% of the book I struggled to get into it It was repetitive to the point of redundancy Hancock s internal musings of him being the bad guy but for good intentions was repeated ad nauseam I suppose this is good for readers coming into the series without having read the previous books But for fans of the series that have been up to date Well, let s just say you ll get a bit of a refresher.The story really took off after the 25% mark and I found I couldn t put the book down The action and suspense really picked up The budding romance beginand then it all crashed down after the 60% mark.The heroine was idealistic and naive to the po
2 stars Romantic SuspenseThis was repetitive, cheesy, over the top melodramatic, slow, and borderline ridiculous at times I didn t really care much for the hero or heroine or their romance I ve been underwhelmed with the last couple of books in this series and with the books in her
Darkest Before Dawn has a strong premise, and since I m a fan of military dramas I wish I could say it was enough to make this a winner for me Sadly, however, the book falters under the weight of overwhelming excesses This is an overly detailed, nearly 400 page story that would definitely benefit from a shorter length There is a great deal of exposition in the beginning, and while I appreciated the author s intention to acclimate readers like me, who are new to the series, it s just too lengthy What s troublesome is how often exhaustive exposition is used throughout the entire book basically each time a character from a previous book is mentioned which occurs frequently.The dialog and narration are exceedingly redundant Even the plot points are repetitive I stopped counting the number of times Hancock injects Honor with a sedative so he won t have to answer her questions, witness her sen
3.5 Protecting at All Cost StarsDarkest Before Dawn is a standalone and is part of the KGI series I love Maya Banks She s one of the first authors I discovered when I adventured to cough smut reading I mean, New Adult Contemporary reading What can I say She has a way in creating different characters and addictive stories This is my first KGI book I ve heard so many great things about this series and I LOVE action pack novels You throw in a sexy Hero, well I m a happy gal.I didn t read the previous books, but Hancock has been on both sides, good and bad Regardless where his ties are, he s a man of his word Honor is the only survivor of an explosion and is now hunted, because there should be no survivors She s a woman in a war torn country and everything seems kind of dire Because of Honor s background, Hancock is requested to save Honor and bring her back You re safe, Honor I ve got you Nothing will hurt you tonight The descriptive writing is a bit heavy in the beginning There s a lot of character build up and you find out where the characters come from The two main characters interact around the 20% and from there, the pace picks up and you are taken for a wild ride Thank you For what For saving me I made no such promise, Honor You trying is enough Honor and Hancock are attracted to each other, but both have goal
I m setting this one aside for a moment It s not doing anything for me at all. OMG I am so excited for Hancocks story, I feel like it is going to be a good one, but I also really wanted Sean and Rusty Cant decide which one I want . Huh well after the last total disaster in the series, I was pleased this was not a total train wreck.There were still some repetition issues, but not nearly as bad as the last book.The problem I had with this one was the relationship Hancock was not committed until the end and then he wussed out Honor had to man up because he was incapable Separations do not make me happy Especially when the heroine has to make the move to get them back together and extricate Hancock s head from his ass.This book was violent Killing, abuse, atte
Honor is a relief worker in some arabian war zone.When her clinic is being bombed, she s the only survivor, and the bad guys are hunting her.She escapes, only to be caught rescued by Hancock.We all met him in the KGI books before he s trying to find this huge russian gangster, the one who killed his foster mom.And to lure him closer, he has to have Honor she s his last chance to get revenge.But the longer he s close to her the harder it will be to let her goWhat will happen to Honor Hancock Will there be a HEA Will everybody survive ____________________________I loved every KGI book so far ok, I did hate a little on those with too much paranormal stuff those mind reading ones but I always read them and loved the characters..So I don t know what was wrong this timeit was probably just that I wasn t in the mood for it because I couldn t read this book.I started and I liked the whole idea, but the beginning alonethat bomb that goes off in that clinic and Honor surviving and getting out of there It could ve been told in 2 pages, but it took Maye 5% of
What would you do for the greater good of man Would you sacrifice one for hundreds or even thousands.What if that one person that you would willingly sacrifice never in their entire life hurt a human life,but instead did everything to ease the plight of human suffering What if you have strong feelings for said personthere are a lot of what if s,and I for one would have a hard time deciding ,a hard choice to be sure.This is book 10 in the KGI series of romantic suspense by Maya Banks and it is Hancock s and Honor s story.Honor is an aid worker in some war torn country invaded by a rebel faction and they bombed the clinic she was in.The rebels come to do a body count,but they call a halt and make plans to return in the morning.Honor ,survives and manages to escape before they return.There is a price on her head,she caused the rebels to lose face as she has constantly evaded being captured traveling by night and managing to sleep by day.All she wants is to get home and be with her family.Hancock is a merc,we saw him in prior books,but this man has had a hidden agenda all along.he is a fighter for the greater good,his mission now is to capture the aid worker for his criminal boss to barter her to an even worse criminal,the Russian that he has been wanting all along When they meet up in a village,she in disguise as a native,he knows it s her,she thinks that he is going t