Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law

Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law In Warsaw, A Shy And High Minded Polio Victim Lives A Life Of Seclusion Caring For Her Odd Family Until A Chance Encounter Plunges Her Into The Intrigues Of Dirty Politics Zaremba, A Wealthy Businessman, Is About To Be Arrested On Trumped Up Charges And Only She Can Save Him Swept Along By Events, Cordelia Finds Her Feelings Increasingly Involved With A Stranger For Whom She Is Both Rescuer And Victim When Zaremba Is Implicated In Terrorist Activities And Disappears, Cordelia Is Painfully Uncertain If She Has Been Abandoned And Must Overcome Surveillance, Corruption, The Media, And Mounting Humiliations And Difficulties To Learn The Truth.This Is A Story About Love Between A Man And Woman, But Also Love Of Family, Country, And Justice Although Set In Poland, Where The CIA Had A Black Site, It Is A Story That Could Happen Anywhere, In A World Where Young Democracies Struggle Against The Temptations Of Covert Operations And Older Democracies Sometimes Lead Them Astray. So I ve decided to finally write the review for this book It took me a while to get to it, but it s just cause I wanted to do it justice And not just cause of that. I d prefer not to write a review at all, because this is one of those books that become a personal part of you, and you don t really want to share it.This book has been lying on my bedside table for many months many months too long, to be honest But it s just that the cover is so misleading. I didn t know what was inside A good lesson don t judge a book by it s cover, really don t Having started, I instantly realized that I m going to love it all the way, and I was already sorry to think that even though it s a thick book, it will eventually end Perhaps it s a feminine story Perhaps it s sentimental And you do know how I hate all those romance stories and always try to avoid them But this. No This is just warm, cozy, and perhaps just connected with my own life and feelings just enough so I wouldn t be able to put it down Many times I caught myself thinking, hey, the main character feels exactly what I have felt And I used to always wonder, is this just something that I sometimes think and feel. Having read that, I know that maybe it s not me Maybe it s just women not all, but at least some if there is
I loved the descriptions of all the characters, especially Cordelia and Zaremba The dialogue between them is what made the book I was afraid when it seemed the story was coming to an end.but I was only halfway through the book I just knew that it would drag on and I would end up hating it by the end However, it turns out that there s two parts to the books and each is its own story It could technically be two separate books, but it does work better as one book with two parts I also found the subject content to be interesting Especially after recently reading an alternate version of the Boston bombings where the military sends in drones to eliminate the remaining bomber, but kills several citizens in the process We would be shocked if that happened in America, but that stuff happens all the time in other countries when the U.S eliminates threats I m no expert, but it wouldn t surprise me if the kind of behavior of the CIA that is present in this book truly happens in other countri
Part love story, part road trip, part mystery novel, Zaremba s story is essentially a story of the terrible potential consequences of unchecked state power on otherwise detached individuals, minding their own business The writer, Michelle Granas, centres her plot around two realities of Poland in the recent past, the vengeful excesses of the Law and Justice Party rule and the secretive operations of the CIA in Poland The two characters suffering from these powers are Zaremba, a street smart businessman, together with the morally uncompromising Cordelia, a disabled lady Together, the duo manage to turn the tables despite all odds.The book raises important questions Is it really possible to completely make power accountable Is winning over the media the only way to wage a battle today Once Zaremba says that the tactics of the Law and Justice Party is popular with the rural unsophisticated voters Aren t we hearing the same things in Thailand from the yellow shirts or in India from the supporters of BJP Do the elite prefer democracy only when it suits them The characters are drawn out well The dialogues are sharp at turns And some moments are highly creative Cordelia s brother taking pictures of the paparazzi non stop that forces them to give up and run away However, the entire novel could have been shortened to fasten the pace A few coincidences are not too convincing While the Law and
It s rare to find a book to whole heartedly recommend The outstanding quality of Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law is its charm and warmth From the moment it began I enjoyed the setting and all the characters The first half of the book involves a political situation in Poland, but then the second half brings in the interferenc
This book deserves readers Sort of a modern day retelling of Sleeping Beauty if you look at it from Cordelia s POV It is a darker tale from Zaremba s side which calls to mind how people are being tried by t
Zaremba whose first name is rarely used , is a businessman in Poland in around 2007 Through two very different events, he meets Cordelia, whose last name is rarely used Their qualities are very different, he a robust, outgoing successful man who is soon facing difficulties with the political infrastructure, she, a physically disabled homebody of meek means and conservative lifestyle They do share several things, among them a reluctance to express their genuine emotions and a strong core of integrity They are also both multi lingual, communicating in both Polish and English The second meeting between Zaremba and Cordelia is unplanned but ends up linking them together Innuendo propels Cordelia to keep Zaremba at arm s length, and for a time, she succeeds emotionally at that, but circumstances bring them together and From there, things get compelling and than a little da
Novel received courtesy of the author, review was optionalI enjoyed this novel immensely Zaremba is a novel of political intrigue as well as a love story Cordelia meets Darek Zaremba briefly when she applies for a job with his development company Because the Polish government is so full of corruption, Zaremba is accused of bribing an official as part of a business deal By this time Cordelia and Zaremba are in love and he is in hiding at her family home Her family is eccentric and complicated but Zaremba moves right in and begins to make Cordelia s life a bit easier.As the political intrigue continues for Zaremba, the CIA becomes interested in him He has sold some land for development to two Muslim men and all three become targets of the CIA When Zaremba and the Muslim men are kidnapped by the CIA, Zaremba manages to escape His goal then is to free the men and expose the Polish government for allowing the America
A debut novel from author Michelle Granas which, once I d got used to the wonderful but highly implausible idea of thirty plus polio survivor Cordelia with her withered leg and hand as the most unlikeliest of action heroines ever, I quite enjoyed.Though essentially a story of politics played dirty, of corruption in high places, of the abuse of power, if like me you aren t a huge fan of this genre please don t dismiss this quirky novel out of hand as Zeremba has much to offer A story of relationships I did enjoy the contrast between Cordelia s highly academical, Shakespeare quoting, father and her mentally absent mother, between Cordelia with her unshakable honesty and Zaremba whose own honesty wasn t always so evident at the heart of which is a tender and thankfully non soppy love story.At times a bit far fetched and perhaps at over 500 pages a tad too long but, worth persevering with, this is a novel for
This is a beautiful love story It deals with real life people on so many levels in modern Poland able bodied physically challenged wealthy poor values lack of values law disorder, especially in the area of politics Many elements of Granas novel are similar to her other book, Swans Are Fat Too The rather unusual relationship which develops between Cordelia Dariusz Darek in the midst of almost fantastical social circumstances is quite intriguing is an eloq
Love changes everythingCornelia may have always been content to remain unobserved All the pity, stares and uncomfortable questions But she would do anything for her parents, so could go for help even though she struggled Zaremba saw past the weakened limbs and crutch to the be

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