Nightmare Magazine 26: November 2014

Nightmare Magazine 26: November 2014We Have Original Fiction From David Sklar Rules For Killing Monsters And Maria Dahvana Headley Who Is Your Executioner For Reprints, We Have Work From Karin Tidbeck Rebecka And David Morrell For These And All My Sins In The Latest Installment Of Our Column On Horror, The H Word, Stoker Winner Eric J Guignard Talks About Some Up And Coming Trends In Horror Writing We Ve Also Got Author Spotlights With Our Authors, A Showcase On Our Cover Artist, And A Feature Interview With Leslie S Klinger. A freakish, delightfully dark, and elegantly disturbing tale about a singular woman who straddles the line between life and death This tale somewhat evoked the sense of a Wednesday Addams in a grounded world a precocious and demented child grown into a weird woman. The best story for my money was For These and All My Sins , it just had a wonderful creepy vibe to it I had only read one novel by David Morrell previously and I hated it so I was excited to find something by him to sway my opinion the other way.I liked everything about Rules for Killing Monsters , bu
Respected authors here, including ones I enjoy most of the time But this issue for some reason marked a low month for me with Nightmare Post Halloween horror OD effects Sklar s story I appreciated Not every month is filled with things to my taste, and that s ok. Some decent stories in this one Standouts being Rebecka and Rules for Killing Monsters. Stories in this issue just really weren t that good Feel like the quality control for this publication has really declined the last couple of issues I m rethinking my subscription.