Shield and the Shadow

Shield and the ShadowCuriouser And Curiouser Hard Times Force Sixteen Year Old Olli And Her Brother To Move To Sleepy Horizon Creek, And Olli S Biggest Worry Is That She, Once Again, Won T Fit In And She Doesn T But When A Mysterious Shadow Lurking In The Woods Draws Out A Strange Power Within Her, She Fears She S Losing Her Mind Add To That Tall, Dark, And Smoldering Brend, Who Can Only Speak In Riddles, And She S Sure She S Gone Completely Bonkers Yet Day By Day, Olli Pieces Together The Truth And What She Finds Changes Everything She Thought She Knew About The Town, Her Family, Even Her Own Reflection So When The Shadow Emerges, Taking One Life And Threatening To Take , All Olli Needs To Do To Save The Mad Boy She Loves Is To Step Through The Looking Glass And Become The Girl She Sees On The Other Side And Believe In A Few Impossible Things. I think this is of 3.5 stars It was a good book, strong independent female lead and original idea I think the only thing I personally didn t quite like was that it took so long for Olli to figure everything out, the mystery was taking so long to figure out Also I found Brend to be
Wonderfully written story that includes a little bit of everything There is magic, mystery, evil, good, monsters and A.M Yates did an excellent job of weaving different genres into one story.Ollie is a teen who has to move back to her family home in Horizon Creek due to circumstances beyond her control All is not what it seems in this small town where everyone seems to know things but Ollie She tries to find out the truth behind her father s death and the Gates s as well as her o
I don t like leaving spoilers The author A.M.Yates has managed to transcribe her imagination into the written word really well in Shield and Shadow and left us with a great cliffhanger that has left me wanting The story is well defined so you always know where you are in the book and the plots are easy to see in the minds eye There was a couple of times I felt like please get on with it, but afterwards I realised these situations was part of the building blocks of the story, and probably just my impatience to know what was coming next The story was told mainly in the first person which is what I prefer as a reader The main character I felt was Oli and the other characters were built up around her I feel there could be a lot to come from these, as we was only given tidbits about them as and when the story required them Emotions I feel a
This is a very well written contemporary YA fantasy The central character, Olie, gradually uncovers some magical truths about herself, her family, and the world in general That makes it sound rather soft, but there s plenty of physical a
Goes from intriguing to mystifying and terrifying Olli is stuck in the middle of a puzzle about her origins, trying to figure out what exactly is going on and whom she is dealing with Some secrets are kept right up to the end Very good read. An entertaining introduction to an original concept for a universe The main characters are drawn and brought together in a way I found compelling to read The pacing works well and Yates brings a nicely colorful tone to the narrative Looking forward to seeing how this franchise develops. Loved it Great start to a series Keeps u guessing just like the main character, Olli Still lots of unanswered questions Must read book 2. Once again I good read, but I want _ I received this ebook free from the author I was not asked to write a positive review The opinions are my own Receiving a complimentary ecopy did not affect my review of this book.I was really looking forward to reading this book I had just finished her book, Minor Gods, and loved it, so I was hoping this one was just as good The plot was really quite good, very exciting, and kept moving It was full of action and it kept my interest, however, it seemed like too much happened in the story for it all to have taken place in a week s time There could have been character development I finished the book and felt I really only got to know the main character female , the main male character slightly less Everyone else just kind of came and went to fill out the action, but I never got to know them I would have liked to know why they did what they did More was explained about the motivations of some of the male character s family, but I learned very little about the main character s family or even why they were in the positions they were in Once again, A.M Yates leaves us with a cliff hanger This wouldn t be so bad but I don t think this is a spoiler alert because it was in the author s note, but you can skip this next part if you want the next book is not even about the same people She says that the next book in the series is going to be about different people entirely By the time she gets around to continuing from this book s cliff hanger, am I going to care, or even remember it
I received a free copy from the YA spring fling This doesn t influence my opinion.This is actually a 2.5 rating, because it is well written and I had no problems finishing it The MC just moved to her grandparents with her brother She discovers that there is a secret her family has been hiding which involves the entire town and especially a rich family I liked the idea of the book and the secret because it was not very typical, although I could guess some of it The MC is actively trying to figure out the secret and she is brave, which I always like because there is nothing worse than a wimpy heroine who just waits for everything The problem of this book, in my opinion, was Things were happening very fast, especially the romance part It is not insta love, but too close for my liking And I would have liked to get t