Sci Phi Journal

Sci Phi Journal Sci Phi Is An Online Science Fiction And Philosophy Magazine In Each Issue You Will Find Stories That Explore Questions Of Life, The Universe And Everything And Articles That Delve Into The Deep Philosophical Waters Of Science Fiction Universes This Month We Have, The Start Of A Wonderfully Sci Phi Serial From Ben Zwycky, Beyond The Mist That Was Also The Inspiration For Our Spectacular Cover Art It Kicks Off With Our Protagonist Falling Through The Mist Of The Title And Just Gets Stranger From There We Also Have Original Science Fiction Stories From Peter Sean Bradley Ghosts A Tale Of A Future Wedding Gone Weird Emmanuel A Mateo Morales The First Step Witness The End Of A Mad Dream And The End Of A Future War David Hallquist The Quantum Process A Bid For Immortality That Doesn T Go Quite As Planned Lou Antonelli On A Spiritual Plain A Chaplin Meets A Confused Soul On An Alien Mining Colony Steve Sagarra Terra In Vista A Crew Of Explorers Meet Someone Unexpected On A New World Original Essays By David Kyle Johnson On The Moral Of Hide And Q An Exploration Of The Ethics Of Being Q John C Wright Prophetic Apotropaic Science Fiction Does Science Fiction Predict The Future Patrick S Baker On The Ethics Of Super Soldiers Is It Right To Make Super Soldiers And What Do We Owe Them Tom Simon The Making Of The Fellowship A Study On The Nature Of The Good In Middle Earth And We Have Book Reviews By Peter Sean Bradley 3 5 On A Spiritual Plain by Lou AntonelliA chaplain on a distant outpost is confronted with the ghost of a serviceman killed in an accident The planet s peculiar electromagnetism captures the soul or the after image of a soul The native species of the plane
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