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妖精標本 1Rebirth Ian And Rin Used To Just See Spirits Now Ian Is One Using The Fairy Cube, Ian Must Figure Out How To Stop The Lizard Spirit Tokage From Taking Over His Life And Destroying Any Chance He Has Of Resurrection Ian Is Transported To Another World By The Fairy Ainsel, Who Promises To Help Him Stop Tokage Upon Their Return To The Human Plane By Possessing The Body Of The Recently Deceased Elijah, Ian Attempts To Save Rin From Tokage S Clutches. Review for complete seriesIan claims to see fairies, yet it only earns him a reputation of being a liar His friend Rin is the only one who believes in Ian s stories But there seems to be another soul that resides inside his body who is now bent on ruining Ian s life Soon he loses both his father, Rin and even his body now he needs the help of the fairies he s seen for all his life The biggest problem with Fairy Cube has is either that it s far too short or that it tries to do too much with the little space given As is typical for Kaori Yuki, this story puts a dark twist on fairies and delivers yet another macabre story There are enough plot points to create a series trice as long than it actually is As a result, it s a rather hard to follow story that jumps from one focus to the next, leaving many things unclear or simply doesn t satisfy.Ian is a nice enough main character, although nothing about him seemed overly memorable Nonetheless, he is the one character where we learn the most of Although I love how Kaori Yuki usually gives a backstory to most of her characters and makes sure they are all involved, it was simply too much in this particular work She tries to have everyone s story and tragic fates included, yet because there is so much of it, it s not easy to connect to the characters and I feel as though there wasn t any closure for most of the cast For some, I still don t understand what their motives were
The story telling is inexpert, very jumbled, with some confused perspective There s little to no investment of the reader into the characters i have barely any sympathy for any of them Will probably not read future volumes Ok, the second half was far superior to the first half Despite the confusing and poorl
Normally I really like Kaori Yuki s work This is just a mess It s confusing as heck at the beginning, and you have no idea what is going on And it s not even a case of lets throw them in the middle of an action scene and then do backstory
This manga is ridiculous Basically every character with than one scene gets a TRAGIC BACKSTORY there are way too many for a series with only three volumes maybe it would work with 5 Full of the usual Kaori Yuki tropes fucked up families, sanity issues, obsessive love, unusual gender presentation, wings, homoerotic way than subtext The melodrama is palpable.Obviously I adore it.My only serious issue was that the ending was rather confusing I
A supernatural trilogy, Fairy Cube is a 2005 2006 comic from Japanese gothic horror queen Kaori Yuki Following childhood friends Ian and Rin, Ian who has been able to see fairies since he was young becomes possessed by a gecko spirit and subsequently involved in much larger events threatening the world.A switch from her longer works, Fairy Cube can serve as a low investment into the comics of Kaori Yuki However due to the short length of the series, characters often offer a lot of dialogue exposition instead of natural progression in presenting events or backstory At one point it s even acknowledged how talkative a character is after basically a quick info dump Titles from Kaori Yuki also frequently require a good list of content warnings blood, child abuse, child murder, csa, parental death, sexual assault since her characters do not inhabit safe or simple worlds While the supernatural is at the heart of this story, Fairy Cube has its share of human monsters to provide heavy material too Chocked full with references from Celtic mythology and foreign names Fairy Cube can be a challenge in translating or, for readers It helps to know
Non so perch l avessi comprato questo non mi piacciono le fate e Kaori Yuki faccia fatica a digerirla Forse per la copertina Ci ho messo solo undici anni per prenderlo e leggerloStorie di fate e di changeling Solo che la storia confusa e non ho ben capito dove voglia andare a parare l autrice Ian vien
Pending. Read 1, 2 and 3 pa yang membuat nama Yuki Kaori bertahan di jajaran atas shoujo mangaka Keunikan cerita dan kekuatan karakter ciptaannya membuat Yuki sensei mendapat tempat khusus di hati penggemar shoujo manga Setelah Hakushaku Cain series tamat, Yuki sensei hanya mengeluarkan beberapa one shot manga Fairy Cube adalah series baru ciptaannya yang volume 1 dirilis 25 Oktober 2005.Kali ini karya Yuki sensei berlatarbelakangkan mitologi Celtic.Hasumi Ian hidup berdua dengan ayahnya yang berprofesi sebagai novelis Ibunya pergi meninggalkan Ian dan ayahnya, dalam kenangan Ian ibunya bermata merah dan berambut hijau seperti peri Sejak kecil Ian dapat melihat peri, sayang tidak ada yang percaya padanya sehingga ia dijuluki Usotsuki Ian Lying Ian Ayahnya jadi stress karena ditinggal istrinya mengatakan semua itu hanya impian anak anak dan bersikap protektif pada Ian karena takut anaknya akan diambil oleh peri Hanya satu orang yang percaya pada Ian, yaitu temannya sejak kecil, Ishinagi Rin Sebenarnya Ian mempunyai kembaran peri bernama Tokage Lizard Tokage sepertinya membenci Ian karena ia selalu mengganggunya Ian menjadi saksi mata sebuah pembunuhan dan ia mencurigai pemilik toko antik Kaito, sebagai pelakunya Sayang polisi tidak mempercayai laporannya Kembali terjadi pembunuhan, yang menjadi korban adalah pacar teman sekolah Rin dan Ian Rin dituduh membunuh karena ditemukan ID card Rin di tempat ke
The summary for this manga does nothing for the story, and that goes for the one on the back cover, too This is so much than a boy visiting a fairy world to gain power and rid the world of an evil Tokage who the summary doesn t even explain Here s what s really going on, and it s a storyline I m pretty sure can only be handled by Kaori Yuki.Ian has been able to see fairies since he was little, and he s pretty sure it s because of his mother She left him and his father when he was little, leaving his father quite bitter Ian is also convinced that she was a fairy What else would explain his ability to see them and the wing shaped birthmarks on his back Still at a young age, he befriends a girl named Rin, and he is able to show her a glimpse of this fairy world She instantly loves it, the only person Ian feels he can trust with his secret They vow to go to this world together in the future But Rin moves away and Ian s father s mood only gets worse as the years go by Ian doesn t get off much better, becaus

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