Recipe for Love

Recipe for Love Eat Love Murder.Sparks And Insults Fly When Celebrity Chef Tilly Danes Matches Wits With The Annoyingly Sexy Jordan Kelly As Members Of The Judging Panel For The Culinary Channel S Personal Chef Showdown, They Agree On Only One Thing Maxwell Etheridge, The Third Judge On Their Panel Is An Arrogant Pain In The Butt Neither One Would Mind Seeing Him Strung Up Like A Ham Hock When Their Nemesis Shows Up Not Only Dead But Also Missing An Important Body Part, Tilly And Jordan Are Thrust Smack In The Middle Of TV S Most Shocking HomicideEveryone Is A Suspect The Show S Host, The Contestants, And Even The Victim S Lover When Tilly And Jordan Are Pulled Deeper Into The Investigation, Those Pesky Sparks Of Antagonism Transform Into Undeniable, Incredibly Inconvenient, Red Hot Attraction And If They Thought The Sparks Were Hot While Fighting, The Heat Between The Sheets Is An Inferno As The Bodies Start Piling Up, Tilly And Jordan Must Find The Killer And A Recipe For Love Before They Become The Murderer S Next Course 2.5 stars Tilly is a celebrity chef She doesn t really trust men She got pregnant at 15 and the baby s father walked out on her when she got pregnant, she wears a tattoo as a reminder to not make the same mistake Tilly is on a cooking show and is on a panel of judges along with Jordan, another celebrity chef Jordan is single and he and Tilly have always kind of irritated each other When the 3rd judge on the panel ends up dead, there is a who done it mystery This book had mystery, suspense, and humor There were a couple things I really liked about this book I loved the whole cooking part of the story I love cooking shows so I really enjoyed that part of the book I also found a couple things funny There were also some things I didn t like about this book It was really hard to follow in the beginning with all the character introductions Matilda and Miranda two
3,5 starsMurder, food, chefs, humor, suspense, competition, celebrity, gossips, Southern Charms, witty heroine, alphahole but adorkable hero and love A recipe that proposed by Dyann Love Barr when she deliver her new novel, Recipe for Murder Love Is the recipe work Why, I can said..yes.I always love watching culinary reality shows such as MasterChef or Hell s Kitchen yes, I did enjoy when Gordon Ramsay cussing, over and over When I read the premise of Recipe for Murder Love, which is a combination of culinary world and murder, I don t hesitate to request this one The story start with a bang, with our heroine Matilda Tilly Danes and her archnemesis, Jordan Kelly, both are celebrity chef, found the body of a food critic that love to diss their cooking in a meanie way, dead Worse, he lost his winkie or penis, but Tilly prefer winkie, being a Southern gal that is Everybody have motives, because Max the food critic have so many enemies The question is..who So our h H suddenly become amateur sleuths and start their investigation, while manage to pissed off each other like toddler Okay, this sound like sarcasm, but I enjoy the banter between Jordan and Tilly Jordan fallin hard for Tilly, and like 5 year old boy that don t know what
What do you get when you combine a murder mystery, celebrity chefs, food and a cooking competition Good TV and a Recipe for Murder Love Tiily Dane is a small town girl turned celebrity chef who is serving as a judge for a cooking competition alongside fellow chef and adversary, Jordan Kelly and international food critic, Maxwell Ethridge.When Tilly and Jordan find Ethridge dead with a very important body part missing, initial suspicion is cast on them, especially because the dead critic had bashed both of them metaphorically of course in his latest blog post Tilly and Jordan decide to do some investigating of their own to uncover the murderer As is the ways of these things, their employer the Culinary Channel wants to capitalize on this to boost ratings and decides that filming Tilly and Jordan s sleuthing is the way to go Cue the chaos the sensational discovery of the missing body part, a rising body count, and no suspects in sight In the midst of these happenings Jordan and Tilly realize that they actually have feelings for each other Jordan has never felt like this about
This was a very nice bit of suspense mixed in with my romance When a judge on a cooking competition is found dead, there are plenty of suspects to go around The guy was a bit of a jerk Chefs Tilly and Jordan decide to help out with the investigation and things get quite out of control Tilly and Jordan aren t exactly friends In fact, they are always at each other s throats They seem to have of a love hate emphasis on hate type of relationship.But as the story progresses and they get to know each other outside the world of professional cooking, they realize they may just enjoy each other s company But before they can explore that too much, they have a murderer to catch There were a couple too many potential suspects I had a hard time keeping all the chefs, contestants, assistants, and agents straight for awhile They were introduced all together and they sort of merged into one large thing for awhile The author did a great job of keeping me guessing though Once I everyone straight in my head, I saw motives everywhere In the end I had the who dun it part figured out just before Tilly and Jordan, but I wasn t sure the how exactly until the author revealed it Tilly and Jordan are a cute couple They butt heads so many t
romantic suspense borderline to romantic comedy with delicious love triangle on it.full review to come edited on Nov 17th Recipe For Love ARC given by the author publisher via Netgalley, in exchange of an honest review Enjoyment quantity 3 starsLiterature quality 3 starsHeroine Tilly DanesCountrified bumpkins Short and curvy 30s y.o Robin s egg blue eyes Red hair Small neck tattoo A babe in the woods.Hero Jordan KellyMovie star good looks Blonde lovers 35 y.o Funny, sexy, mean A bit on sassy sides Don Juan complex Lame pick up line.A contemporary romance Mistery Suspense Top celebrity chef Detective Reality culinary show 3rd POV alternating he she Cruel homicide Serial murdering The same old, tease her if u want her attention Broadcasting as a background scene Lots celebrity spotting and paparazzi Sex in above 50% mark As much as he detested the guy, no man deserved to have his penis cut off Right I dont expect this slapped me on my face, only several pages after i started to read the book So i guess the book would lean towards the mystery storyline My first expectation after reading the blurbs was, to learn how much hatred between the three during the culinary show Alongside the character s introduction No No This one doing it all while keepin
As sister of a gastronomy graduate and a lover of murder mystery, I had to read this book Not only the cover looks delicious, but the idea of two chefs trying to solve a murder was most compelling.Restaurant owners, celebrity chefs Jordan Kelly and Tilly Danes are called to be judges for a cooking competition They ve known and competed with each other for years, so by the time we re involved in the story, they already had a relationship albeit a contentious one Things get complicated when the third and final judge on their panel is killed and the evidence suggests that someone from the inside is responsible.I really really liked the plot of this book Like I said, the gourmet murder theme interested me from the start, but what I was also attracted to was the bickering between Jordan and Tilly Anyone who follows me knows how much I love that kind of relationship between my heroes and heroines It s usually the way to seduce me when it comes to stories, but it s not as easy to write as it is to read, I m sure In this book though, it worked well Since Jordan and Tilly knew each other, their sarcastic comments flew one after another from the start and kept going until what they felt went from frenemies to lovers I liked that pace, and I even liked the fact that when they became lov
Posted on Les Romantiques Le forum du siteReviewed by RinouReview Copy from the PublisherRecipe for love is the second novel from this author I didn t know Her first book, published in 2010, is a contemporary romance this one is a romantic mystery taking place in an unusual field cooking TV shows When I learned the author was chef, that appeared to be a nice wink to her former job.Here we are dropped behind the scenes of a show like Top Chef, with some cooks candidates, a jury of chefs and culinary critics, and production teams, just when the most unpleasant of the three judges is found dead in his hotel room by our heroes, the other two members of the jury, who wanted to settle the score with him after killer reviews in the papers.I really liked Tilly, the heroine She s a self made woman, who doesn t care much to be snubbed for her plumpness, her humble origins, or her simple and or less traditional cuisine She s honest, sincere, and has a practical mind Knowing that she was single mother at 15, and that her newt lover vanished with her checkbook and her family jewelry, I found very realistic that she s the one digging in her heels in this nascent relationship while wondering i
ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for honest reviewI ve recently been fancying books with a mystery theme to them, and this book genuinely caught my eye Judging from how the book cover is, it seems like a really dark read, but it s not Actually, it s the total opposite In this read, we re thrust into a murder case in between a cooking competition, where everyone is a suspect Tilly Danes is a cooking superstar She hails from the country side and with tons of hardwork, she s made it big in the cooking business And so is Jordan Kelly, another famous cooking star, who s kind of like a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, just hotter and less demonic Together, they re both judges in a cooking competition, alongside with the infuriating food critique, Maxwell Ethridge, who everyone hates, because he s literally the Perez Hilton of the food industry Nobody likes him and he bashes everyone he s written a review of But the insane thing about it, is when Tilly and Jordan choose to confront him about a nasty review he s made about her Tilly s newly released cookbook, but instead, they find his slashed dead body in the tub of his suite, missing an ahem.This book is definitely a romantic mystery, with a mix of humor lots of it, because Tilly Danes is such a hilarious character She s very feisty and sassy for someo
Top Chef Tilly Danes is pissed with Maxwell Etheridge, an international food critic who slammed her on his blog, on the day of the big Personal Chef Showdown for the Culinary Channel If it s not for the owner of the Channel, she wouldn t be rubbing elbows with that man Jordan Kelly shares the same sentiments with Tilly Like Tilly, he is a chef and both of them own a restaurant of their own He too, is invited by the Channel to be one of the judging panels for the show Despite their dislike towards the arrogant man, they aren t really in friendly terms Tilly thinks Jordan is too charming and a flirt, while Jordan thinks Tilly is too tough and independent for a woman in his opinion You can say they are nemesis in each other s eyes, still they tolerated each other As much as they dislike Maxwell, they couldn t imagine anyone murdering him, especially not having one of his organs severed Unfortunately, Tilly and Jordan are the twosome who have found Maxwell s dead body in his suite before the show And since Maxwell is not a well liked person, it seems difficult to pinpoint anyone Everyone become
Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.As I was reading the story, it was clear that Jordan was the first to acknowledge his developing feelings for Tilly, which, I will admit, surprised me Between the two of them, he was the far acerbic and Tilly s being a woman didn t stop him from lobbing an insult her way every now and again Of course, Tilly s preoccupation with the police detective in charge of the case may have captured her attention and left her with little time to notice how Jordan s feelings toward her were shifting There was certainly much to Jordan than being the seemingly snobbish chef that he was while with Tilly, it was a case of what you see is what you get The verbal back and forth between the two was quite entertaining and at times, hilarious.The murder mystery led to a number of potential suspects, and my instincts were proven spot on when the truth was finally revealed Almost everything played out quite well, though I do find it strange that Detective Tyler Jericho was so quick to take Tilly and Jordan on as consultants on the c

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