Damians Discipline (Collars and Cuffs, #5)

Damians Discipline (Collars and Cuffs, #5) Collars And Cuffs Book Five The Man Who Pimped Jeff May Be In Prison, But Jeff Is Still Living The Nightmare, Selling Himself To Men And Relying On Pills To Manage Then He Meets Scott, A Young American Man Who Could Easily Have Been Where Jeff Is Now Scott S Friends Extend A Helping Hand To Jeff, And He Grabs It Leo And Thomas Bring Jeff To Stay With Dom Damian Barnett Until They Can Find Him Someplace Long Term Still Grieving From Losing His Sub To Cancer Two Years Before, Damian Agrees To Help But When He Glimpses The Extent Of The Damage, Damian Wants To Do Than Offer His Guestroom Jeff Is Not A Submissive, But Damian Can See He Desperately Needs Structure In His Life It S Up To Damian To Find An Answer He Never Expects That What He Discovers Will Change Both Their Lives. Okay, I ll start by saying that I didn t really understand the whole concept of domestic discipline, but it did make for an enjoyable story I liked Damian I liked Jeff, too But I didn t love either It was a pretty low steam story, actually But the way the series is going forward like a family growing together is the most wonderful aspect.However, I can t say that there was something so outstanding that will make me reread the book again Having said that, the little surprise at the end was like a sugar rush Such an amazing feat the author pulled off It was simply amazing to keep in touch with the previous couples as we were getting acquainted with new ones, and for this reason alone, I am happy to read the next one Because what does it say about the book that I was excited and on edge to read about what was troubling Leo and Alex and how far Peter was coming along than reading about the main characters of this b
4.25 starsI m totally hooked on this series these books always make me think, and Damian s Discipline is no different Even though I added this to my Dom sub bdsm shelf, this is not a D s book but a Domestic Discipline book What s the difference The story does a much better job explaining it than I ever could, but DD doesn t involve scenes or a Master sub relationship Instead, the focus is on rules and consequences, on one person making decisions for both people in a relationship When Jeff comes to stay with Damian, he is a broken boy If you ve read book 3 about Scott and Ben, you ll remember Scott is lured to England by a prostitution ring with a fake story and picture That picture was one of Jeff, whom Scott eventually sees on the street I didn t realize until past the halfway point that this book overlaps with the timeline in book 3 We hear about Ben s accident and Scott leaving for the States We see not just Ben and Scott but Thomas and his boy Peter, as well as the fabulous Leo and Alex I really liked seeing the other couples again Even Andrew and Gareth from book 4 are mentioned Even so, the focus is on Damian and Jeff This book deals with abuse, rape, and trauma, which are handled with sensitivity and grace Damian and Jeff s relationship does not begin as a sexual or even a romantic one Initially, Damian, who is 29 to Jeff s 19, is an almost paternal figure to Jeff He serves as a keeper, a mentor.Jeff is afraid and angry He reverts to what he knows and makes foolish
4.25 StarsWe met Jeff in the Someone to Keep Me When he was sixteen and came out as a gay to his mother, she thought the church could cure him but since that didn t happen he was forced to leave the house and since then he was on his own He wasn t proud of the things he did to survive and then he met Curtis who forced him into prostitution, he was abused physically and emotionally by him and his friends After Scott found him, Ben and Leo took him to Damian until Leo could find a better solution for him.Damian is a member of the Collars Cuffs but recently he wasn t really active there After he lost his last sub lover, he gave up being a Dominant When Jeff was taken to Damian s home he couldn t trust him at all And because of his situation, it was obvious the D s style living wasn t for him So Damian find another solution, a good one but apparently it wasn t en
Another top notch read in the Collars and Cuffs series, although strictly speaking this wasn t about BDSM, but Domestic Discipline Really well written by KC and Will, this was sooo much better than Someone to Keep Me Gritty and realistic, this is not a looking at the world through rose coloured spectacles type of storyno, not at all I loved the change to 1st person POV too 4.5 stars from me We meet Jeff in Someone to Keep Me as he is the person that Scott has come all the way from the US to meet Of course, we ve since discovered that that evil git Curtis Rogers was grooming Scott in internet chat rooms and using Jeff s picture as his cover Even though he s in jail, the spectre of Rogers still looms large over certain members of the population in Manchester, circling overhead like an extremely hungry vulture just waiting for its next meal to finally tire of life Since being turfed out of his home when he came out, Jeff has had to live in filthy squalor like a tramp, and been forced to endure unspeakable horrors by Rogers and his cronies whilst being hooked on pills He s 19, his education came to abrupt halt when he left home, he has nowhere to go and no one to helpuntil he meets Scott again.Scott, being Scott gets everyone involved, and it
When Damian s Discipline came up on Goodreads I immediately added it to my BDSM shelf, but now that I ve finished I removed it Yes, it is part of a series where the books all revolve around a BDSM club and couples that live the lifestyle in some form, but this book is different and I wouldn t want someone who shies away from BDSM to miss out on a wonderful story This book can easily be read as a standalone, but if you ve been following the series, the timeline runs parallel with Scott and Ben s story, Someone To Keep Me, starting at the point where where Scott first meets Jeff Jeff is not looking to be a part of the BDSM lifestyle, but is looking to get off the street and away from the abuse and trauma he has suffered Damian is a Dom, who lost his sub two year prior He is not looking for a replacement, but wants to help Jeff get his life back on track by offering shelter and encouragement Jeff has numerous issues to work through including difficulty trusting anyone who is offering something for nothing, but the two men find a way to live together with a set of rules that gives Jeff stability and, at his request, someone to make decisions for him and guide him While this is new territory for both men they work together to find a routine, albeit with a few stumbling blocks along the way There is not a quick fix for Jeff s issues and he has to work hard to avoid falling back into old, destructive behaviors There is beauty in watching a relationship slowly develop
This series keeps getting better and better I love that so many people from all the books continue throughout and support new mc s It s beautiful to see 5 amazing stars I can t wait for the next book. There was virtually no communication throughout 95% of the book which was extremely frustrating I didn t particularly care for either Peter was was very na ve and Damian who didn t follow his own rules. 4.5 Stars Another Great addition to the Collars and Cuffs SeriesIt is time to join the guys of Collars and Cuffs again only this time Authors K.C Wells and Parker Williams add a new twist, Domestic Discipline If you have not ever heard of Domestic Discipline then take the time to read up on it so you can fully understand and appreciate this book as it is not your typical BDSM relationship.Our main characters in this story are Jeff who is living a nightmare of a life, selling his body and addicted to pills Damian, a Dom at Collars and Cuffs, is suffering from grief after the loss of his submissive When Jeff is introduced to the Collars and Cuffs group, Damian is asked to take him on temporarily until he can get his life together It should be noted that while Damian has agreed to help Jeff, Jeff is not a submissive and has no desire to be a submissive.Damian is able to quickly see that while Jeff does not have full submissive tendencies he does need someone to help him return structure and balance to his life After researching Damian suggests they enter a D d relationship as a way to provide both of them what they need.I really enjoyed how the authors went above and beyond to show the benefits of a D d relationship, how it is established and then the repercussions and discipline aspect of the relationship It was great watching
DNF at 50% I m not sure if it s me or the book I did like the other books in this series, but I didn t like the writing of this one It could be that I ve read so many books since then that I can t enjoy this type of writing any.The prologue is a couple of pages long and we don t get eased into the story, the story is dropped on us And it was so unrealistic that I wanted to DNF right then and there.Let me sum up the things that bothered me.Damien is a professional book reviewer Euhm wait what This is a paying job Yeah, I don t think so..I m guessing we would ALL apply if such a job existed.And then Jeff. I am the first one to admit I suffer from a knight in shining armor saves hot boy who needs rescuing fetish I really do But this was so over the top, it was not realistic All I wanted to do was kick Jeff s butt.And Damien, he was so stiff no pun intended unfortunately.And because of Jeff s past, sex would have to wait I never got to the sex parts I don t have a problem with a slow burn
Wow This series just keeps getting better and better This story touched on themes that I ve never heard of before and I really enjoyed following Damian and Jeff as they discovered just what their relationship was to each other At times it was really serious and my heart broke for both MC s and then at other times I laughed my arse off at their interactions.A touching, beautiful, compassionate and somet