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Alf the Workshop DogHow Could A Scruffy Dog In A Bus Depot And The Call Of Crows, Link Back To Another World Of Power And Love Award Winning Bestseller Emma Calin S Brand New Series Of Modern Day Fairy Stories For Younger Readers A Wicked King, A Brave Girl, A Young Prince And The Struggle Between Right And Wrong Maintain The Fable Tradition The Ancient Kingdom Of Zanubia And A Stray Dog Looking For Scraps In An Inner City Repair Garage, Hold The Secret It S A Chapter Book Story Time Action Ride Just Add Imagination And Stir Both Printed And Digital Versions Of This Story Are Enriched With Charming Illustrations Anime Style Free Bonus Audio And Video Material Is Included Via Links In The Text Simply Scan The QR Codes To Pop Up The Bonus Material During The Story On Smart Phones Or Electronic Devices Enjoy This Timeless Story With 21st Century Media Enrichment As You Read Emma S Once Upon A NOW Series Launching In 2014 Alf The Workshop Dog Isabella S Pink Bicycle Kool Kid Kruncha And The High Trapeze Available In Print, Kindle E Book And Audio Book Versions Suitable For Reading Ages 7 11, Grades 3 7, Or For Adults To Share With Younger Readers The cover is terrible, but our old guy is named Alf and Hayden would love this. Alf the Workshop Dog is a cute tale of good vs evil set in the kingdom of Zanubia A kind and gentle prince is appalled at the manner in which his father, the king, rules Alfredo sets out to create a new path, but the brutal power of his father makes this very difficult As he grows stronger and bolder, he uses his wit to overcome the tyrant, protect the woman he loves, and rule with compassion for all people and animals To get him to this place, he experiences wild adventures and mental challenges and even help from a crow who changes him into a dog named Alf Alf is based upon a real life dog and it is impossible not to fall in love with him I recommend this book to young readers who want excitement, romance, and a wonderful tale of bravery and courage The QR codes and or the Youtube links through
A nice, cute little kid s story about a kind prince called Alfredo who gets turned into Alf the workshop dog Alf gets to travel through time and have adventures but at the end of the story he is turned back into a prince and gets to marry his sweetheart, the peasant girl Laura The interactive features were interesting and I guess children would have a lot of fun with it The
Once Upon a Now Alf the Workshop Dog This is a genuine, fairy tale that harkens back to the works of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson But rather than being a retelling of an often told legend, this is a new story altogether And although the setting has all the glory of High Fantasy, it also has the marvels of new technology The book incorporates links to extra video and images that add even texture to the tale This would make a fantastic bedtime story for children 5 an
A short story that deals with a king who rules the kingdom Zanubia and how his son, Prince Alfredo, will stop at nothing to bring about peace and make an end to the evil that his father has brought upon the kingdom and its people But that s not all, when Alfredo s friend Laura is i
Alf the Workshop Dog is a delightful tale The characters are endearing and the plot has fun twists It s an imaginative tale worth reading The author has added some special features which middle grade readers will love Older readers will really enjoy it, too I m very glad I foun
Alfredo is a young prince, the only child of the King and his wife His father is a cruel man, all the time at wars and he expects his son to be the same But Alfredo is totally different, he s sensible, friendly boy and he doesn t want to be like his father As much as his father is devil and adores violence, Prince Alfredo dreams about bringing evil to end Once his best friend Laura is in trouble, Alfredo puts everything and it means everything, because his life at stake and his own father sentences him to death but then a crow enters the scene and everything changes Alfredo is turned into a dog and travels in time.It was a story about courage, friendship, good and bad and that goodness always triumphs but in my opinion those children that have active imagination may have troubles as it was in fact a story about very cruel King and some of the descriptions were too vivid for my liking and I m an adult It also felt too jumpy, to abrupt and it lacked a little in depth.Sophie s Shelf Blog Tour for Emma Calin s Children s Books Giveaway10 lutFirst of all, let me introduce you to Sophie s Shelf Sophie is three years old almost and loves books, just like her mum it s me It s me , which is a great thing because I personally think there is nothing better for imagina
Ellie s review Alfredo is a prince, soon to be king His dad, the King, is often away at war But, Alfredo doesn t want to fight in the war when he is King One day, he meets a crow that changes his life I enjoyed this book It was good that Alfredo changed the law so everyone was treated equally now there is no need to fight I also liked the fact that there were QR codes in the book as it helped you to understand the story even .Eden s review Alfredo met a girl in the woods called Laura and they became friends, but he got sent to prison by his fa
Alf The Workshop Dog by Emma CalinWon this book via a giveaway at Library Thing and was always fascinated with the creature we used to watch on TV every week.We even have a hand puppet of the creature in the living room.Pictures throughout the book along with QR codes to help tell the story of the little boy whose father and mother were king and queen of the land.He tries to live up to what his father expects and sometimes doesn t always follow the lead and that lands him in trouble.When the king dies he must return to rule the lands and with his dog they can do anything He has gone through a lot and knows how he wants to run the land.Lots of QR codes about free things to get and other information Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.Enjoyed
This review was originally posted on and my son loved this tale of good vs evil where a good Prince in the Kingdom of Zanubia rebels against his brutal Father, the King When the girl the prince loves is in danger the Prince finds a magic crow who turns him into a Dog called Alf and goes on a journey o

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  • 07 October 2018
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