Johnny (Johnny, #1)

Johnny (Johnny, #1) Life Can Change So Quickly, So Suddenly One Day You Re Driving Down The Freeway, Your Face Lit Up By Yellow Sodium Lamps, Music Blaring Through The Radio, And You Re Singing, And The Guy Next To You Is Singing, And He Turns To Look At You, Just For A Second, A Moment, That Final Smile Lasting Forever In Your Mind Afterwards And Then You Re Upside Down, And There Are Screams And Moans, A Shattered Windshield, Spinning Wheels, The Glug Glug Glug Of Falling Gas, And The Man You Love Is Next You And He S Not Moving Cat Ramsey Has The Perfect Life A Home In The Suburbs, A Loving Family, The Sexiest Guy In School Living Next Door And Then It All Changes Her Father S Drinking Shifts From The Occasional Beerinto A Dangerous Dependency He Becomes Loud He Becomes Angry He Becomes Violent.Her World Is Turned Upside Down She Turns To Johnny The Subject Matter In This Book Is OF AN ADULT NATURE Not Suitable For Readers Under 17 Years Of Age Due To Explicit Sexual Content Book 1 Of 3Genres Coming Of AgeNew Adult RomanceMature Young Adult Romance For a chance to win a copy click here practically devoured this book in one setting It was light yet heartwarming It didn t take long for me to connect with the story and the two main characters.Explore and experience Catherine Ramsey a.k.a Cat s life Starting at a tender age of six, growing up in a middle class family on a gated suburban community, with her typical All American father.Where her story began the day she met her new neighbour, Johnny And that boy became her best friend and .It s funny when a child notices every small things about her father or her parents yet in her eyes everything was perfect But then the child grew up and see them for what they really are In Cat s case, her father s drinking problem that turned her father into this loud, angry and violent person When suddenly her world was not as perfect as she thought it was after all and wondered what went wrong And as she turns to her very best friend, Johnny.I don t want to say , but I thought this was a beautifully written coming of age, new adult story There are no over the top drama but a precise yet carefully constructed heart wrenching reality Written in a way that I could easily relate to Cat s feelings, her actions and reactions.It s about growing up.And part of growing up is falling in love, your first kiss and heartache.I love how Cat and Johnny s friendship evolved into something something lasting and special Johnny is
4 Best Friends Stars Johnny kept me sane Johnny kept me alive Johnny got me through This book is the story of Cat s life told by Cat It is fast paced and pretty much a young girl s diary of feelings and events that have shaped her life Things you might not think of as important, are very much important to a young teen girl Cat meets Johnny as a child and they become best of friends from the start Everything they do, it with each other Johnny and Cat are inseparable and only become closer as time moves on Best friends to lovers, you would think and you hope, but this book as a nice play of boy wants girl, girl wants boy but is not ready and pushes boy away, then girl s hormones catch up and boy is wanted NOW I love you, my love, my life, my soul What feels like a whirlwind love really isn t as Cat and Johnny s hearts have been waiting for this moment forever Their attachment is perfect.until it no long is Life throws a few devastating cu
1 very angry star No Just no No just no.This Book Made Me So ANGRY Seriously, seriously, hugely, RANTING ANGRY I actually read this book a while ago Read it, blew up Val s phone with my ranting, and then pretty much dominated our next phone conversation ranting about this book.It wasn t even disappointing It was INFURIATING.But why I should probably explain that.Well First of all When I grabbed this book, there was no indication NONE, zero, zilch, nada of this being book 1 in a series or trilogy or whatever it is Not on , not in the synopsis, not even on Goodreads Since then, this has changed But then I went into this expecting a standalone Now, I don t hate series or anything I mean, duh Series are great But THIS BOOK being the first in a series Makes me mad I ll get to why in a minute.Second of all, that synopsis is a dirty liar The first part, with the car accident I was interested in that I started this book to get to that It seemed like it d be emotional and interesting and hit me in the feels, ya know OH WAIT NOPE That part doesn t even happen until like 80% into the book possibly farther As I said, I read this book a while ago It took me all that time in between to chill out enough to write this review But I digress That second part of the synopsis, about turning to Johnny OH WAIT NOPE This book is not about turning to Johnny for help Or dealing that that car accident that seems so
Nowhere in the description of this book does it say it s part of a series CLIFFHANGER haters be warned.Five minutes into this book and I was unpleasantly reminded of Tina Reber s Love Unscripted series and her excessive use of exclamation points It happened enough to be distracting and annoying.I never connected with Johnny or Cat, or really got their attraction, other than the fact that they were childhood friends I felt like I was reading a summary of events instead of what should have been an emotional story The pieces were there, they just never got connected For me, the most interesting person in the book was Nicole, and she didn t become inter
4.5 stars What was with all of the exclamation points It drove me crazy Otherwise a really good book Can t wait for the next one 4.5 StarsI will definitely be reading the next one I don t know where to start on this The premise seemed good The synopsis caught my eye and I decided to give this author a try Plus I got excited that the heroine has my name It felt like the story was rushed. and that the whole mind works of Cat was just a jumbled mess maybe this was what the author wanted I don t know Yes, she s a teenage girl going through some pretty hefty issues, but then it felt like someone flipped a switch and said Hey Let s put a whole shit ton of teenage melodrama into this small book Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Abuse, Anger issues, Depression, Orgies, Gossip, Jealousy, Sexual Abuse. it goes on and on Frankly, I was surprised pregnancy wasn t thrown in there to even it all out The character of Cat, I found I wanted to hate herI m going to be honest, I skimmed over the poems It just felt like they were tossed in for fluffing The end was so rushed for me No real resolution And the Author note claiming Cat has matured I don t see maturity as pushing someone that has stood by you It s definitely not in telling them they were just a good fuck Running away from life also doesn t seem like a real winne
I m really torn with this book I willingly decided to stop reading this book at around 75 80% once I realized it was not a stand alone Reading the blurbs of the remaining 3 books in the series led me to believe I would not find the happily ever after I sought for these characters that I d formed a mild attachment to So I chose to stop reading where they d live forever in my mind in that HEA space.Positives the actions of the characters were true to their age, the cover is hot, i felt intense sympathy for the main character, Cat and I longed for her happiness, friends to lovers is a trope I really enjoy.Negatives I hated the formatting The sub chapters within the main chapters mess with the pacing and reading experience They are sharp breaks, not seamless I got tired of being in the head of the main character so much with pages and pages of no dialogue and interaction with others, wh
This was a story that began when Johnny Cat were children living across the street from each other It took the reader through the years as they reached teenagers Some of the book reminded me of neighborhood friends I had growing up and the things I had done playing football, playing sports, music, parents approval, disapproval, etc It was a typical boy turns i
Honestly, I hate skimmed this book than I actually hate read this And I don t really know which is worst The narration couldn t stay in character It tried to lead with the end in mind and then unravel the story But it happened so often and with small eve