Die Judge Die, A Fiona Gavelle Mystery

Die Judge Die, A Fiona Gavelle Mystery Fiona Gavelle, A New Attorney In Chicago Is Back With Another Murder Mystery Her Picture Appears In The Newspaper, She Is Hired To Represent The Estate, And Starts Talking To Several Potential Clients About Guardianship Cases To Her Delight And Dismay, Detective Giovanni Walks Into Her Office Again. Some of what happens in Die Judge Die is real Of course I change names, ages, sex and sometimes don t recognize the characters after a while Overall, the book is to tell you a little bit about the law and the plight of seniors Some of them are p
Loved the story Fiona seems to manage to get all the cases with seniors This time though, I think she got the run around from Eddy And the hi jinks in court was a riot I did like the Wizard judge She seemed to have sense than some of the others And she definitely didn t let the other lawyers get away
Fiona Gavelle is hired to represent the estate of a judge that has just died in a nursing home.She manages to get herself possible clients from that nursing home that are stuck in guardianship situations that were decided for the
Love to read the off beat adventures of Fiona and the antics of her clients This one kept me smiling and turning pages all the way to the end, and hoping to see another one soon. Fiona Gabelle is back and another judge is dead While a fun story, there s an underlying story about our senior citizens that is really heartbreaking Don t miss this book, it s an excellent read. Quick paced, fun wittyThe characters are engaging memorable, the story makes you think with your heart your mind I can t wait to see what happens next Humorcide, indeed ReviewThis book is funny and entertaining The main characters are likable I recommend reading this book highly A simple read. Fiona Gavelle Mystery This was an unusual story, tells about lawyers And judges and Home for the elderly Found it a little confusing because of the legal issues, but still entertaining. Thoroughly enjoyable A humorous inside look at the legal profession, specifically probate Great fun. Review to come soon.