Camina como un Buda

Camina como un Buda How Can You Be The Person You Want To Be When You Re Trapped In A Job That You Hate How Is It Possible To Be Present In An Era Full Of Distractions Can I Flirt With Someone In A Bar And Still Consider Myself A Spiritual Being This Guide Is For Those Who Consider Themselves To Be Spiritual, But Not Necessarily Religious It Uses The Teachings Of Buddhism To Answer Those Burning Questions About Relationships, Work, Social Activities, And Everyday Dilemmas Based On The Author S Popular Advice Column, Camina Como Un Buda Offers Wisdom That Can Be Applied To These Difficult Situations It Teaches The Reader How To Walk Like Buddha, That Is, To Live Honestly With Wisdom And Compassion In The Face Of Everything That May Come Your Way In Life. With his goofy grin, bow ties and pop ishly titled books, I sometimes wonder if Lodro Rinzler is deliberately trying to make me roll my eyes and grunt Am I supposed to take this goofball seriously Uuuuuuurg Then I pick up the book, read a few pages and sigh in resignation yep, he might make the old grumpy punk in me seethe but it is undeniable that this guy isn t talking out of his ass He knows his stuff, and he also knows how to articulate it in an approachable, and occasionally silly way, but dammit, I would have loved to have found books like this when I was fifteen years younger and just getting interested in Buddhism Walk Like a Buddha is a collection of answers Rinzler had written for his blog What Would Sid Do I know, I know I m cringing as I type this , where people asked him for a modern Buddhist perspective on daily overwhelmingly Western an
Oh, man oh man, oh yay Listen I have tried to read books by the Dalai Lama, et al., but I just couldn t get through them Not because I didn t appreciate the message I appreciated AND agreed with most of it But I think the problem is applying ideas to every day life, and Walk Like a Buddha totally bridges the gaps between philosophy, spirituality, and modernity At the same time, Rinzler refuses to be instructional, repeating constantly that he does not have all the answers, and the key to Buddhism is figuring things out for yourself He offers helpful hints for how to think about common negative
This is a good book for 20 and 30 something s who feel like there s gotta be to life For entry level, part time, or non Buddhists alike, Lodro explains different situations and scenarios in life, love, and work in a what would Buddha do format All in
Eckhart Tolle . This book was just ok for me It was certainly insightful at times but after a while I felt like it was just repeating thoughts and kind of going through the motions Useful but not outstanding. It was OK is about all I can give it I felt like the book kind of tried to be an advice column book and kind of tried to be integrated philosophy and did meh at both Rather than having a coherent whole picture treatment of how to deal with difficulties, then getting into details, the author went right to details I didn t realize that this was the author s second book, and perhaps I should have read that first to get what I was looking for However, I just felt like the book s format didn t really allow the author to go into a lot of detail A lot of the advice broke down to practicing compassion, being open and mindful, etc., but especially in questions that dealt with dealing with difficult people, I could constantly hear the but what about when I do that and they do THIS that would be the next logical step The author shied away several times from the topic of CONSEQUENCES of dealing with difficult people Yes, it s great to practice compassion and be open and mindful, but when you do that and still have someone in your face backstabbing you not pulling their weight, etc, it doesn t really feel like a solution.I suppose that for a philosophy book, the philosophy felt a bit pi
I like this guy I was first introduced to this author, Lodro Rinzler, by his book, The Buddha Walks into a Bar, and I really enjoyed his lightheartedness and since of humor I didn t spend anytime really looking into his background, but through his writing, I assumed he was a northeasterner by birth, who had an old soul, and I connected with him When suggested his book, Walk Like a Buddha, I didn t hesitate for a moment I purchased a used copy, as I often do, and once again, this guy just talks to me, so when I discovered he was in his thirties, I was shocked I m still asking myself, how a kid his age can have such a deep and practical understanding of these Buddhist principles Sure there were parts of the book that were a bit repetitious, but I still felt he did a great job translating and communicating these time tested Buddhist teachings to a west
In short, I really loved this book I went into the book being very skeptical I have read a LOT of hip self help, advice and Buddhism books lately so I was worried that this was going to adopt annoying slang like the others I m looking at you, Kris Carr and Danielle LaPorte , but it didn t It stayed very traditional Buddhist This is basically a wonderful primer for someone who is just getting into their meditation practice, but it s also wonderful for someone who has been doing this for years and just has very difficult questions to ask, such as what would the Buddha do if his first told him he was cheating on his girlfriend Not so easy figuring these things out when you re a Buddhist How much can I drink Can I drink at all What if I want to punch people at work What if I just hate everyone at work What about abortion Everything is answered here and it s amazingly readable and not preachy at all The ONLY thing I didn t like was towards the
Some of my friends practice Buddhism, and I wanted to get a peek into what it was all about I have to say I was very impressed with what I read in this book.The book basically answers questions asked by people regarding their dilemmas in day to day life and how Buddha, if he were alive today, would deal with them What Would Buddha Do The book really makes a lot of sense and offers a philosophy to live your life to the fullest and be
I have loved Lodro s view of the buddhists way of life since his first book Buddha walks into a bar this one answers some tricky questions that might come along the journey and has been quite helpful as a map for that journey.

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