The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti

The Lives of Sacco and VanzettiAcclaimed Illustrator Rick Geary Tackles Of One The Most Controversial Cases Of The 20th Century With The Lives Of Sacco Vanzetti Anarchists Sacco And Vanzetti Were Accused And Arrested For Robbery And Murder, But So Many Supposedly Damning Pieces Of Evidence Were Questionable, And The Pair S Eventual Guilty Verdict Elicited Massive Protests Around The World Geary Presents Readers With All The Twists And Turns, Appeals, And Dubious Evidence, Giving A Human Face Of The Two Men Who Were Demonized By Many And Martyrized By Others In His Usual, Unflappable Style. 1920s America, two men murder two other men who are carrying payroll money worth 15,000 and take off with another three accomplices in a car With no leads, the police end up arresting a pair of Italian Americans, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, at 10pm in a streetcar who are suspicious looking and upon further investigation are found to be heavily armed Thus begins a complicated court case which exposes the corruption of the American justice system and the prejudices of a country calling itself free Rick Geary combs through the past and presents another wonderful book about a famous murder case long forgotten by the modern public Geary s style is to show all sides to the case and highlight problems within it, allowing the reader to decide for themselves on the true culprit Sacco and Vanzetti is mostly the story of a court case gone wrong from unreliable witnesses taken seriously, to evidence tampering, to a prejudicial judge, to the defence s own incompetence, though the book seems to show that Sacco and Vanzetti if you believe are innocent as I do were simply and tragically two men in t
Anarchy in America ain t a circle with A in the middle, it s these two stony faced Italians sitting in the dock And their death masks Only one of them Bartolomeo Vanzetti seems to be an actual martyr For even in Rick Geary s balanced account of their trial, Sacco comes across as he always did as a principled, savvy operator, probably willing to sacrifice his life for anarchy just compare his eyes to Vanzetti s below Geary s graphic narrative
Reason for Reading Next in the series.I have to admit I wasn t looking forward to this one that much as I prefer the ones about the bloody serial killers like Beast of Chicago I had never heard of this case and the robbery murder, socialist anarchist angle didn t get me that excited Surprisingly though once I started reading I was quite taken with this case, especially the proceedings of the trial and the way the reader is left ruminating whether they were in fact guilty or innocent It s amazing that with how this became such a worldwide controversy, with many country leaders of the 1920 s and famous personages speaking out on the case that it has become so obscure today One would think their names, at least, would have been remembered I can only say what a pleasure it was to read Geary again, nobody and I mean no body does b w graphic novels like Rick Geary His artwork and presentation of these true crimes is pure joy to hold in your hands I like the order Geary presented the story, first with the crime being committed, then going back and telling the life stories of the two individual accused and finally ending with the trial It is quite shocking to today s standard s to see how pr
3.5 stars I always enjoy this series I remember learning about Sacco and Vanzetti in school but could not have told you any details except that there was something fishy about their case and people were upset It was great to read this and get a refresher on that part of American history I think EVERY Middle and High School should have the Rick Geary series in their collections, it s a great way for anyone to familiar
I love these Rick Geary collections They are such a pleasure to read They are well researched including a bibliography and well balanced, but what I really enjoy most is his highly detailed artwork I didn t know much about th
Though formulaic in his approach to graphic storytelling, I find most of his books to be super compelling and entertaining reads, as he leads our sympathies back and forth across facts and clues of victorian murders.He parcels out the information, making these books very suspen
Another stellar addition to Rick Geary s treasury of murder series I had always heard of Sacco and Vanzetti but never did know the history and details of the case In typical detail Geary lays it out and reveals the m
Though I like Rick Geary s style, I wasn t as engaged with this book as his others It was a lot of legal proceedings I am glad to have learned about this case, but I enjoyed Geary s other books . Beautifully drawn and masterfully told I was unfamiliar with Geary s series on history but I ll be on the lookout for Also, Sacco and Vanzetti were railroaded. I picked this up at the local public library a few days ago I m a Rick Geary fan, and this was one of his many books that I had not yet read If you are not familiar with Geary, then I should say that he has created numerous graphic novel style books which recount famous true crime stories Geary s style is somewhat sparse traditional, black white pen and ink set in rectilinear panels There s a signature static feel to Geary s drawing Everything tends to look frozen Nevertheless, Geary effectively conveys facial expressions, and he seems to delight in architectural detail Because Geary s books are, in a sense, books of history, I am not put off by his static and traditionalist methods In a way, these qualities, which in other comic books would detract from the narrative, instead complement the documentary seriousness of Geary s special subject matter The rigidity of it all is quite haunting, and therefore fitting.Although I m sure that the story of Sacco Vanzetti has been told to me before, I couldn t remember anything about it, except that I knew that the two men were convicted of murder after a famous and controversial trial In short, on April 15th, 1920, in South Braintree, MA, two paymasters were transporting a cash pa

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