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Villa AmericaA Dazzling And Spellbinding Novel About Art, Love And Marriage In The Tradition Of The Paris Wife And Above All Things Sara And Gerald Murphy S Good Looks, Talent For Living And Perfectly Successful Marriage Breed Both Devotion And Jealousy Amongst Their Friends But When Owen Chambers, An American Aviator, Arrives In Their Lives, The Deep Emotional Fissures In Sara And Gerald S Marriage Reveal Themselves And Their Lives Change Forever Villa America Is A Fictional Imagining Of The Real Lives Of Americans Sara And Gerald Murphy Who, In The Heady Years Of 1920s France, Presided Over A Group Of Expatriate Writers, Painters, Singers And Dancers Including Pablo Picasso And Cole Porter, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos And F Scott Fitzgerald This Dazzling Cast Of Characters Gathered Together In The Murphy Home In Cap D Antibe, As Both Sara And Gerald Cast Their Elusive Magic Over All Of Them Spanning 1890s New York, The Battlefields Of WWI, The Birth Of Aviation, The Artistic Explosion Of 1920s France, The Depression And The Rise Of Fascism, Villa America Charts The Beautiful And Tragic Course Of Three Intertwined Lives To Create A Vivid Portrait Of A Gilded Age That Couldn T Last. This book, a fictionalized biography of Gerald and Sara Murphy, began with a great deal of promise I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and the writing was thoughtful, tasteful, and sensitive toward the characters in the book The book rotates between what Gerald is experiencing, what Sara is experiencing, and the experiences of a completely fictional person named Owen Chambers I grew quite fond of all of them and could empathize with all of them.However, just over the half way mark there was a sudden change, and it was not subtle For me, it was a jolt I literally felt like I was tossed out of the book and struggling to find my way back in Rather than the sensitive and compassionate touch in the first part of the book, I felt I was reading a tabloid one where every bit of grit and grime and dirt and secrets were blown hither and yon mostly into my eyes.I want to emphasize that it wasn t the subject matter that was so disturbing and distasteful i.e., the infidelities, drunken brawls, and scatter brained behavior of the in crowd who used to hang out at the Murphy s Villa America on the French Riviera Nor was the subject matter dealing with Gerald Murphy s
The novels of the Jazz Age have such a special atmosphere if done well This age produced so many fine writers and artists whose works endure even now Gerald and Sara Murphy are a couple I had read about in other novels but really didn t know very much about In this novel, Klaussmann centers on this time period by focusing on their relationship, their friends, their struggles and the wonderful time they had at Villa America in the French Rivera.The Murphy s were friends, were well liked by Dom Passos, Hemingway, Pauline and Hadley, the Fitzgeralds, Cole Porter Picasso and many others All are included in this book The book starts with Gerald s and Sara s childhood, and moves on to their marriage, their family and why they built Villa America There they were golden, happy, loved, threw parties, made trips, attended the bull fight and running of the bulls with the Hemingways and tried to be the best they could be I am always amazed at the prodigious amount of alcohol they all drank This book is well and atmospherically written A time of excess, of divorces and changing relationships, yet the Murphy s stayed together and raised their family So much of it i
In her second novel, Klaussmann explores the glittering, tragic lives of Gerald and Sara Murphy, real life models for F Scott Fitzgerald s Tender Is the Night The book is slow to start with, with the first third unnecessarily devoted to Gerald s and Sara s childhoods and courtship It is not until the Murphys are established in France and receive visits from fellow artists that the book really comes to life It is easy to see why the Murphys attracted hangers on Yet beneath the fa ade of glamour, there is real sadness and struggle Gerald s uncertain sexuality is a tacit issue between him and Sara, and sickness strikes th
Fantastic rendering of the life and times of The Murphys glamorous expats who entertained the likes of the Fitzgeralds, the Picassos, the Hemingways and the Porters I enjoyed the insights into the lives of these artists while they were on the brink of creating some pretty brilliant masterpieces Oh and the delicious life that the rich have lived in the roaring twenties I ve always been a fan of books that force me to do a bit than just to read what was written on its pages I like it when I have to seek out meaning of unfamiliar words or research the locations and the historical figures that were mentioned Villa America is just that type of novel It is the story about the couple whose F Scott Fitzgerald s Tender is the Night was said to be loosely based on Upon reading a bit about the Murphys, I stumbled upon a group of literati also known as the Lost Generation By definition, it is a group of artists that came of age during World War 1 The Murphys, in one way or another, had a hand in this.Gerald and Sara Murphy were expatriates who hosted the likes of Cole Porter, F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda Ernest Hemingway, and Pablo P
3.5 starsI liked this for the most part I m a fan of the 1920 s and hearing about the Lost Generation always captures my interest They were such a fascinating group the Fitzgeralds, Hemingways, Picasso, etc After reading this, I now know about another the Murphys Which I, honestly, didn t know too much about They kinda had
Liza Klausmann, bestselling author of TIGERS IN RED WEATHER, transcends the historical biographical novel to present a radiant, engrossing account of Gerald and Sara Murphy, real life inspirations for the Divers in F Scott Fitzgerald s Tender is the Night , whose fabled marriage and years long stint as premier hosts of American ex pats and other famous figures of the Jazz Age in their Villa America on the Riviera concealed anguish, secrets, and, ultimately, devastating loss Framing their story through the fictional character of Owen Chambers, a pilot wounded in WWI, whose detachment toward the world hides a yearning to belong somewhere, helps the reader slip into the cocktail drenched ambiance of this privileged couple, and their carousel friendships with unstable Scott and Zelda Fitgerald portrayed here with sensitive pathos virile but judgmental Hemingway and his unhappy wife, Hadley, Don dos Passos, Ellen Barry, and many luminaries of the era While at moments the novel can feel overpopulated, Klaussman keeps her narrative grounded in Owen, his initial reluctant attraction to the Murphys bohemian laissez faire gradually growing into a consuming, forbidden love that threatens the couple s carefully constructed marriage Owen feels real in a world where so much is fleeting, where the looming shadow of WWII will blow apart the jaunts to the beach and poached eggs on the terrace, heralding the end of a time that is now tinted by the rose colored bulb of nostalgia.That said, Kla
I ve always been fascinated with, and have read many books about both fiction and non fiction the various literary scenes Bloomsbury, the literary scene in Paris in the 1920s and 30s, the Weimar Republic in Germany between the wars, and the Lost Generation This book purports to be a novel about the Lost generation so I was all excited and really looking forward to reading it and finding out about Hemingway, Fitzgerald et al Unfortunately, I am almost 200 pages into this book and so far it is nothing but a love story about Sara and Gerald Murphy, who, while important to the Lost Generation scene, I really am not interested in reading hundreds of pages of a love story regarding them So,
Historical fiction based on Sara and Gerald Murphy who Scott Fitzgerald used as a basis for Nicole and Dick Diver in Tender is the Night The Murphy s built a house on the French Riviera Villa America where they entertained the in crowd of artists and writers of 1920 s post war America Sara wafts about in a haze of fashion and perfume organising the most amazing parties for these fashionista friends The fictional character of Owen Chambers is introduced by LK to bring an added element to the story around the sexuality of Gerald whose relationships were rumoured but nothing was ever documented No doubt well written and there is a certain sophistication to the work makes me sound exceedingly pompous and a I don t mean to be but what was most interesting about the Murphy s was who they knew I decided after reading The Paris Wife I didn t like Hemingway much and his portrayal
Villa America, a work of historical fiction, is the story of Sara and Gerald Murphy, an expat American couple who were part of the Parisian Jazz Age literary coterie The Murphy s built a house on the French Riviera, Villa America, where they entertained their friends Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemmingway, John Dos Passos, Archibald MacLeish, Dorothy Parker as well as Pablo Picasso and Cole Porter, Gerald s Yale roommate Fitzgerald dedicated Tender is the Night to Sara and Gerald and claimed to have based Nicole and Dick Diver on them There is plenty of history here, some of which is recognizable from The Paris Wife and A Moveable Feast, but Klaussmann has inserted a fictional protagonist and created a story that becomes the overarching plot of the novel It focuses on Gerald and Sara, and specifically, Gerald s relationships
Villa America by Liza Klaussmann is an absolute gem of a book, the kind of story that sweeps you away and makes you feel almost lost in it The author has a real gift for drawing you into the story and making the characters come alive.The protagonists of this novel were real people Sara and Gerald Murphy, the glue that held together a social set which included Zelda F Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso, Cole Linda Porter and Ernest Hemingway Liza Klaussmann weaves Sara and Gerald s true life story into a novel that vividly portrays these characters and the era they lived in.Sara and Gerald set out to create a beautiful world at Villa America, their home on the French Riviera They manage to create an oasis of artistic genius, style and wild, jazz age parties but as we watch Sara and Gerald grow and build their family we can also see the world changing round them at breakneck pace No one will remain unscathed by these changes or by the capricious nature of fate, least of all Sara

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