The Fountain of Saba

The Fountain of Saba Ayana Is A Young And Beautiful Ethiopian Researcher, Dr James Preston Is The Presenter Of Time Travellers On National Television, Together They Begin To Unravel The Clues Hidden In The Prester John Letters In A Race To Discover The Secrets Of Makeda, The Queen Of Sheba. London UK The Novachem Foundation had requested Ayana 29, researcher, Ethiopian, historian hypothesis research prove that The Prester John Letter is not a fake.Marco Polo The Crusaders never found out that Prester John had traveled to the far East Dr James Jim Preston 38, lead archaeologist, Professor PhD, Archaeology was invited to the her team Did he have other motives thoughts rather than just reserch Dresden, Germany Ayana Regassa was to have her meeting with the board memeb London UK The Novachem Foundation had req
Wonderful This book makes me want to go to Ethiopia now I really enjoyed this book, adventure and action, an ancient legend, spirituality, great characters A must read