Under the Same Blue Sky

Under the Same Blue Sky From The USA Today Bestselling Author Of When We Were Strangers And Swimming In The Moon Comes A Lush, Exquisitely Drawn Novel Set Against The Turmoil Of The Great War, As A Young German American Woman Explores The Secrets Of Her Past.A Shopkeeper S Daughter, Hazel Renner Lives In The Shadows Of The Pittsburgh Steel Mills She Dreams Of Adventure, Even As Her Immigrant Parents Push Her Toward A Staid Career But In 1914, War Seizes Europe And All Their Ambitions Crumble German Americans Are Suddenly The Enemy, The Huns Hazel Herself Is An Outsider In Her Own Home When She Learns The Truth Of Her Birth.Desperate For Escape, Hazel Takes A Teaching Job In A Seemingly Tranquil Farming Community But The Idyll Is Cracked When She Acquires A Mysterious Healing Power A Gift That Becomes A Curse As The Locals Relentless Demand For Miracles Leads To Tragedy.Hazel, Determined To Find Answers, Traces Her Own History Back To A Modern Day Castle That Could Hold The Truth About Her Past There Hazel Befriends The Exiled, Enigmatic German Baron And Forges A Bond With The Young Gardener, Tom But As America Is Shattered By War And Tom Returns Battered By Shell Shock, Hazel S Healing Talents Alone Will Not Be Enough To Protect Those Close To Her, Or To Safeguard Her Dreams Of Love And Belonging She Must Reach Inside To Discover That Sometimes The Truth Is Not So Far Away, That The Simplest Of Things Can Lead To The Extraordinary.Filled With Rich Historical Details And Intriguing, Fully Realized Characters, Under The Same Blue Sky Is The Captivating Story Of One Woman S Emergence Into Adulthood Amid The Tumult Of War. Where did Hazel belong Did she belong in Dogwood, Pittsburgh, or somewhere else.Hazel Renner s mother left her and left Dogwood, and Hazel s aunt and uncle lovingly raised her in Pittsburgh The smog of Pittsburgh and the effects of war upon the citizens also had an effect on Hazel.Like her mother, Hazel wanted to leave and find where she really belonged She first tried teaching in Galway, but things happened there that necessitated her leaving and coming back home Hazel then tried Dogwood where her she was born to see if that would help her find her roots.UNDER THE SAME BLUE SKY will pull you in because of the beautiful descriptions and wonderful characters You will love Hazel and her parents and feel sorry for her and all the problems she encounters Hazel s father was quite intense about his heritage and the war You could vividly feel his every concern and the emotions of every character because Ms Schoenewaldt has a marvelous knack for words and for descriptions of characters and situations UNDER THE SAME BLUE SKY was set during the first world war when German Americans were under attack just as they were in Europe History and a beautiful story make up UNDER THE SAME BLUE SKY.You will enjoy UNDER THE SAME BLUE SKY because of the nicely flowing storyline The o
I was under the impression the story would lean towards WWI not solely serving as a backdrop during this time period.This was of a coming of age story of a young German American woman as war looms on the horizon I liked reading of Hazel and her family s perspective living in America as tension builds, they face discrimination, prejudice, harassment as well as wrestle with the peril of family and friends in Germany Truly this family is caught in the middle, torn between two countries.I found the narrative too busy for my liking, the healing gift came and vanished serving as filler, didn t really fit with the overall story Katarina s visions came on strong and faded, nonsensical as the story progresses Predictability ran high.Hazel came across as too aloof, never building a connection with the reader She grew by the author telling as opposed to showing which in this case was problematic She felt fl
This is the first book I ve read by this author The story takes a unique look at what it was like to be a German American in the US during WWI As we approach so many of the 100th anniversaries for dates during the war, this book brings many of the experiences of those who lived through that time period to life Hazel s journey twists and turns through the war and the year after it through the pages of the book The plot wanders through her story with some aspects never fully resolved yet that s much like real life There was some sense of coming full circle by the end Yet there was also a definite sense that all was not and could not be fully resolved This book contains elements of a search for the truth in the past, war come to life in the way it effected those left on the home front, and a hint of romance There s also the mystery of a healing power that comes and goes Most of all, it s a story about coming to terms with the loose threads of lifethe ones th
Folks, I m scratching my head over this one There are definitely some wonderful things about this book, and I enjoyed the experience of reading it, but there were issues that I just can t overlook.I ll start with the positive This is my second book by Pamela Schoenewaldt Swimming in the Moon was the first and, once again, I was drawn in by the language in this book It is not overly verbose, but the prose is still lovely and completely readable.I was immediately attracted to Hazel as a character She is a young woman very much at a crossroads in her life As is typical among young people of that age, she is restless and then she discovers a family secret that leads her to question her life as she knows it I liked that while Hazel was a proactive character, Shoenewaldt still gave her time to process these things that go on in her life.The real draw for me with this book is how well Schoenewaldt draws America during World War I I ve read a fair amount of WWI fiction, but I think it was all from a European viewpoint The United States had a unique experience with the war while we didn t join in until late in the game, the war was fought by citizens on the streets of America Schoenewaldt captures this expertly and, for that alone, I would recommend this book.But, as I said, there were things that just didn t work My biggest pro
A jaw dropping portrayal of life on the home front during WWI, this book surprised me I had braced myself after reading a few lukewarm reviews However, I was sucked in by Hazel herself, the amazing atmospheric writing, and an engrossing story of a woman finding herself in a world gone mad While not perfect, this book still stands as an outstanding example of historical fiction done right.Hazel herself was a great POV to tell the story through She started out an idealistic dreamer, facing the world with rose tinted glasses as she started her teaching career This was a mirror for the world, pre WWI, where man could conquer anything and everything was possible.As the story progresses, Hazel faces tragedy, war, illness, and death Everything shapes her into a mature woman, equipped to face the trails of life with proficiency I adored growing with her Her journey and shaping was the heart of the story, connecting with the reader on a basic level.If Hazel s journey is the heart of the book, then its portrayal and tale of German Americans plight during the war years are the soul Never have I come across a book that goes this in depth on the subject I ve seen it touched on and used as background before Y
Hazel Renner is a German American living in Pittsburgh with her parents at the dawn of the Great War Hazel longs for and feels restless within the steel city Her parents hold on to the American Dream for her and want her to go to school to be a doctor They believe that Hazel has the healing touch since she has a way with her father s headaches Hazel follows her own dreams and takes a teaching position at a one room schoolhouse in the country Hazel feels like she is fitting in and doing well at the school until someone there discovers her healing touch also when the rumors start to fly, Hazel is asked to move on As the effects of war reach American, the German Americans are ostracized, called Huns and Hazel s father feels the death of every soldier Hazel returns to her family and learns a tightly held secret of her birth now with another dream to chase, she sets off to find a German Baron s castle in New Jersey to find the ghosts of her past From the very first paragraph, I was captivated by Under The Same Blue Sky, I knew Hazel was going to be special as she painted and described memories o
I love Pamela Schoenewaldt s writing, this just wasn t my favorite I never really connected with the main character Hazel seems to initially be searching for the story of her late mother who was a wanderer and never satisfied Hazel leaves home to become a teacher, meets some fascinating characters, and discovers she has a gift of healing But things go bad, she leaves, and begins a totally new life living in a castle with a German social outcast The characters are beautifully drawn and complex The horrors of the war from the perspective of the people left at home, especially Hazel s tormented father adoptive , are a major part of this story that moved me But I kept thinking the relationships Hazel made as a teacher would come back around to complete her story and that the meaning of what she had learned about her mother would be explained Characters
I decided to give this book a try because it was described as historical fiction sent during World War I However, WWI was not the main focus of the book Hazel moves from Pittsburgh to a small town where she takes a teaching job She then discovers that she has a special healing gift and this is where the book went off the rails for me Sometimes her healing wor
Nice story Fast reading Emotional Sad Happy Historical.A shopkeeper s daughter, Hazel Renner lives in the shadows of the Pittsburgh steel mills She dreams of adventure, even as her immigrant parents push her toward a staid career But in 1914, war seizes Europe and all their ambitions crumble German Americans are suddenly the enemy, the Huns Hazel herself is an outsider in her own home when she learns the truth of her birth.Desperate for escape, Hazel takes a teaching job in a seemingly tranquil farming community But the idyll is cracked when she acquires a mysterious healing power a gift that becomes a curse as the locals relentless demand for miracles leads to tragedy.Hazel, determined to find answers, traces her own history back to a modern day castle that could hold the truth about her past There Hazel befriends the exiled, enigmatic German baron and forges a bond with the young gardener, Tom But as America is s
I loved this author s other book, Swimming in the Moon, so I decided to read this one too It is written very well, and I liked the story However, the first part of the book deals with the heroine s inexplicable ability to heal people by touching them And then it suddenly stops and the second half of the book is about WWI and her dealing with loss and illness The healing powers she previously possessed are

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