Galacta Daughter of Galactus #1

Galacta Daughter of Galactus #1 Written By ADAM WARRENArt By HECTOR SEVILLA LUJANCover By ADAM WARRENGalactus Is The Terror Of The Universe, Devouring Planets Anddestroying Civilizations As He Goes And A Father To A Growingdaughter Meet GALI, Daughter Of The Infamous Planet EaterGALACTUS And The WINNER Of Last Year S MARVEL ASSISTANT SIZED SPECTACULAR Poll Unlike Her Father, Gali Hasformed An Affection For The Planet Earth, And Does Her Best Tosubsist Only On Invasive Alien Life Formsbut When Her Cosmichunger Begins Growing Out Of Control, Can She Hold Herselfback From A Deadly Binge Featuring WOLVERINE, THOR,and The FANTASTIC FOUR, This Collects The Original Galactashort Plus Three Marvel Digital Comic Exclusive Galactastories From Writer Adam Warren Empowered, Gen 13 Andwith Stunning Digital Paints By Artist Hector Sevilla Lujan Always been a fan of Adam Warren s brand of humor since I came across his work in both Gen 13 Bootleg specials and his Titans mini series for DC Comics back in the late 90 s His writing is both funny and chock full of pop culture references, and there s
Awesome, as with a lot of Adam s workI wish that there was definitely to the story Love all of Adam Warren s work , but I think that some of the stories are tragically cut short His voluptuous vocabulary and exquisite artwork always makes for a delightful read. Meta comedy Did I just invent a word Cosmic entities ranging from Marvel s Living Tribunal to DC s Phantom Stranger are notorious for their lofty brooding Not so with Galacta Her musings about life on Earth and elsewhere is punctuated with wry humor and appropriate convoluted language or what I call Marvelspeak as she devours alien menaces to our Pale Blue Dot The nods to manga like the characters mouths appearing on the side of their face can be annoying The coloring is garish, but one has to bear in mind that the color scheme of man
What the fuck 0.5 5.