The Modern Scholar

The Modern Scholar Our Sensory Systems Give Us A Rich And Detailed Experience Of The World They Are Something That We Are Intimately Familiar With We Use Them Every Minute Of Our Waking Lives Yet Surprisingly Enough, We Often Take Them For Granted It Is True That We Rely On Our Senses For Knowing All About The External World, Yet They Are Even Than That Our Senses Are Essential To Who We Are They Are Part And Parcel Of Every Thought And Emotion That We Can Express.This Series Intriguing Series Of Lectures Takes A Wide Survey Of The World Of The Senses Beyond Vision, Exploring How Our Senses And Our Brain Enable Us To Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste, Balance, And Otherwise Perceive The World Around Us. 2h 20min 2x.Contents view spoiler 1 An Introduction to the Senses2 Sound and Hearing Lecture3 A Larger World of Sound Navigating the World with Echolocation4 Chemical Senses, Part 1 Taste5 Chemical Senses, Part 2 Smell6 Touch7 Beyond the Basics Balance and Synesthesia8 Stra
Very interesting, but highly cursory.