The Missing Girl

The Missing Girl A Hard Nosed, Bitter Detective Investigates A Series Of Murders In England, In Which He Finds Himself Personally Involved, In Ways Than He Realised.When A Man Walks Into A Police Station In Norwich, Confessing To A Series Of Prostitute Murders, Embittered, Alcoholic And Sex Obsessed Lead Detective Devizes Marsh Doesn T Believe He Is Telling The Truth, Until He Reveals His True Identity Marsh Becomes The Focal Point For A Personal Vendetta In A Case That He Has Spent Months Trying To Unravel The Killer Gives Him Forty Eight Hours To Redeem Himself, And Save The Last Victim, A Prostitute With Whom The Wayward Detective Has Become Romantically Involved Marsh Battles Against Time To Try And Save The Girl From An Almost Certain Fate, While His Public And Private Lives, And His Integrity As A Police Officer, Come Under Severe Scrutiny This High Paced, Romantic Erotic Police Drama Explores Themes Of Bdsm, Bondage, Submission And Rough Sex And Focusses On The High Pressure World Of Police Murder Investigations It Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only And Features Several Scenes Of An Explicit Sexual Nature.