Saved From The Devil

Saved From The Devil Jess Has Fallen For Yet Another Loser, But This One Is Hiding A Secret That Puts Her And Her Son In A Huge Amount Of Danger He S A Killer From Across The State Line, With A String Of Grizzly Murders Behind Him, Of Young And Pretty Prostitutes Jack, A Sexy Private Detective With A Chequered Past, Is On The Hunt To Bring Him Back, And Save Jess From A Similar Fate Can He Capture The Devil Himself, And Resist Falling In Love With The Damsel This Red Hot Romantic Erotic Story Explores Themes Of Murder, Prostitution And The Search For Love, And Features Several Scenes Of An Explicit Sexual Nature It Is Intended For A Mature Audience Only 11500 Words. Wow this book is an odd one It is good and dirty, but not really good if you know what I mean Jess is a single mother to Denny, working two jobs as a waitress as well as a bartender at night at a strip club Carl is the deadbeat who lives with them sponging off of their kindness but has now escalated his rudeness, often mean drunk Jess doesn