Through A Window

Through A Window This Collection Of Short Stories Elizabeth N Love Bee N Love Will Spark Your Curiosity.Five Short Stories Take You To Distant Realms Of Imagination Dozens Have Enjoyed The Tale Of Two Planets In Mutual Orbit, The Story Of How Darkness Came Into The World, And The Study Of Restricted Child Bearing, To Describe Just A Few.Each Story Is Preceded By An Introduction And Accompanied By Original Illustrations By The Author. When I hear short stories mentioned, my mind quickly goes to children s stories, but this book is not about stories for children, although it could be read, understood, and enjoy by very smart children There was a quirkiness about them that made them unique The first story, The far seer, told us about two worlds, one intelligent enough to explore other worlds, and the other not so intelligent to believe in a fake god At least two people from this later world, Mela and her friend Bena knew the truth It took me a while to understand the second story where Ray is the Sun Brenna maybe a bird and Pitch an awl Strange bed mates Again quite vague, with an ending I did not quite understand Brenna flew off on the orb, what about the chicks I thoroughly enjoyed the third story, Nearly Perfect I like the fact that in the end Azure got to decide her own fate Zana s Heart was also very interesting That was a strange way of explaining how night and day came ab