Living in the Spirit

Living in the Spirit In This Treatment Of Wesleyan Pentecostal Soteriology, R Hollis Gause, Noted Pentecostal Theologian, Asserts That The Believer Is Living In The Spirit From The First Moment Of Faith In Christ To Be Saved And To Live A Godly Life Is To Live In And By The Power Of The Holy Spirit P 1 The Two Major Emphases Of The Book Are That Reception Of The Holy Spirit Is A Distinctive Experience And That Being Filled With The Spirit Is A Quality Of Being And A Manner Of Life P 1 One Of The Unique Contributions Of This Book Is The Way Gause Sets The Experience Of Spirit Baptism In The Via Salutis In Relationship To Repentance, Justification, Regeneration, Adoption, And Sanctification He Writes, All Of The Prior Experiences In Redemption Anticipate And Are Culminated In Baptism With The Holy Spirit P 6.