Double Dose 2

Double Dose 2 In This Installment Everyone Is On Some Grimy And Sneaky Business Nivea Is Still The Same Shady Chick That JayVon Is Madly In Love With, But There Is Only So Much A Man Can Take Before He Reaches His Breaking Point Will She Get It Together Before She Loses Her Husband Or Better Yet Before Her Skeletons Come From Hiding It S Understandable That Coco Is Fed Up With Von Scandalous Ways, But Her Backyard Isn T Squeaky Clean What Will Happen When Her Truth Hit The Fan Will Von Give Her A Pass Because She S His Baby Momma Or Will She Be Treated Like A Hood Rat In The Streets And Be Dealt With Karma Is Playing Both Fields Who Will Walk Away Allie Came To Cali To Start Over But Her Ex Isn T Having It He Stalks Her And When He Gets Mad He Disrespects Her She Changed Her Number And Met A New Friend The Girl S Hit It Off And Is Now Enjoying Life Together, But Is It A Little Too Much Brandy And Jay Is Falling For Each Other, But Will The Love They Have For The Ones Who Are Hurting Them Prevent Them From Crossing The Line Of No Return Are You Ready For An Overdose Of Love, Scandal, And Drama The whole crew is back from part 1,with even lies and betrayal.Nivea loves her husband but his twin brother is her drug that she can t give up Von and Coco are still in a dysfunctional relationship and Von is not the only one with dark secrets.Jay still believes his wife is faithful,but he is starting to pull away,Has someone else caught his eye Brandy remains in the same situation with Rob,Can she ever escape the abuse Double Dose 2 begins where the last one ends,this bo
The drama continues in book 2 I enjoyed this book My only problem was the editing was horrible It would have been a 5 star read but, the editing was too distracting for me I 4.5 reallyMuch better than the first. Finally Even though this isn t the end of the series the editing errors in this book were just too much I mean the mistakes were so odd, spelling, grammar, missing words or words in places that didn t make sense It was a drama filled book and the very end gave it a spin I wasn t expecting Had it been edited better I think I would have enjoyed it I hope book 3 has been edited better but I m not rushing to read it, I ll get to it eventually If you re someone who can look past editing errors
More lies, cheating and drama Nivea wants her cake and eat it too, while brandy may have decided that abuse is hey drug of choice in life Will both ladies have a good ending or the story guys on You must read to see what s up with these coupled. Yep, I gave it 10 stars 5 for the book, and 5 for you This series was very good I enjoyed reading this series, and I look forward to reading of your books However, I also enjoyed reading about your TESTimony.Back to the book I hope Jay be okay, and everything work out for him I hope the MFucker name KARMA doesn t bite Von in
Don t waste time 4 yrs 3rd book not outIt was a good series until I realized when it was published and that it s going on 4 yrs and still no final book. Book3When will book 3 be out needing More soonI l love the way Allie got fought up in the web happens everyday Great read, I couldn t put it down Excellent bookCause this book keeps you on the edge of your seat Great drama and great suspense I would recommend this book to my friends