The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons, #1)

The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons, #1) From Bestselling Author Kaitlyn Davis Comes A Fantasy Adventure Perfect For Fans Of Sarah J Maas, Kristin Cashore, And Tamora Pierce Told In Alternating Male And Female Perspectives, THE SHADOW SOUL Has Been Hailed As An Amazing Start To A New Series That Is Going To Have People Of All Ages Wanting So Much Happy Tails Tales Reviews When Jinji S Home Is Destroyed, She Is Left With Nowhere To Run And No One To Run To Until She Meets Rhen, A Prince Chasing Rumors That Foreign Enemies Have Landed On His Shores Masquerading As A Boy, Jinji Joins Rhen With Vengeance In Her Heart But Traveling Together Doesn T Mean Trusting One Another, And Both Are Keeping A Deep Secret Magic Jinji Can Weave The Elements To Create Master Illusions And Rhen Can Pull Burning Flames Into His Flesh.But While They Struggle To Hide The Truth, A Shadow Lurks In The Night An Ancient Evil Has Reawakened, And Unbeknownst To Them, These Two Unlikely Companions Hold The Key To Its Defeat Because Their Meeting Was Not Coincidence It Was Fate And Their Story Has Played Out Before, In A Long Forgotten Time, An Age Of Myth That Is About To Be RebornRAVE REVIEWS For THE SHADOW SOUL The Writing Is Flawless The Story And Plot Line, And Plot Twists, Had Me Captivated And Enad For The First Words I Couldn T Put This Book Down For Anything, And I Absolutely Cannot Wait For Book TwoIt S An Amazing Start To A New Series That Is Going To Have People Of All Ages Wanting So Much Happy Tails And Tales One Word To Describe This Book Intense Everything From The Battles, To The Secrets, To The Descriptions Of The Characters And Scenery, Are All Incredibly Intense This Book Had Me Biting My Nails, Stomach Tided In Knots, And Completely Entranced Til The Last Word Desert Rose Reviews Throughout The Story, The Stakes Were Always Raised There Was No Part That Lagged While Davis Was Telling Her Story Of Far Off Lands, And The Drama Continued To The Very EndTo Those Readers Who Like Fantasy And Adventure, Or To Those Who Tried To Read A Song Of Ice And Fire But Couldn T Make It Through The First Chapter Without Falling Asleep This Could Be A Series For You Pink Fluffy Hearts The Shadow Soul Was Positively Transportive, Left Me Feeling Refreshed, And Renewed My Faith In Symbolism, Imagery, And The Importance Of World Building And Cultural PreservationIf You Want To Set Out On A Journey, Read This We Do Write I Loved This Book I Was Drawn Into The Story With The Fantastic And Descriptive Storytelling Told Alternatively Between Rhen And Jinji The Political Pickings, Magical Murderers, And Shadowy Suspense Are The Real Plot Stars In This Book And The Wonderful Characterization And World Building Adds Extra Oomph To Grab You And Keep You In This World EBook EscapesKeywords Teens And Young Adult, Sword And Sorcery, Action And Adventure, Fantasy Romance, Coming Of Age, Fantasy, Teen Fiction, Dragons, Magic, Dual Perspectives, Free, Freebie, Free Book 3.5 stars This YA fantasy is pretty solid, and it s a Kindle freebie if you want to check it out Review first posted on Fantasy Literature The Shadow Soul came in first place of the 30 books that our Fantasy Literature team of reviewers read for Mark Lawrence s 2016 Self Published Fantasy Blog Off SPFBO , in which 300 self published science fiction and fantasy novels have been read and evaluated by ten blogs The winner of the very first round, it managed to survive and prevail over all of the rest of the novels in our later rounds A round of virtual but heartfelt applause to The Shadow Soul and its author, Kaitlyn Davis As the story begins, Jinji is a sixteen year old girl preparing for her formal joining in marriage to Maniuk, a future leader of their small Arpapajo tribe, along with Jinji herself Jinji has the magical ability to see the elemental spirits of the land, which appear to her as brightly colored strands of thread weaving through the air, and to weave them int
I haven t read this book yet , but it is one of the 10 finalists in the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off That s 10 out of 300 hopefuls Read about the competition herehttp mark ratings and reviews of all the finalists here Thanks to Netgalley and Patchwork Press for giving me this book to review.Jinji s home is destroyed and everyone she has known has been killed by a mysterious shadow and she is left alone with nowhere to go, until a young man called Rhen finds her However, both are hiding secrets, Jin is masquerading as a boy and has magic, meaning she can weave elements and create illusions, and Rhen is a prince on the search for foreign enemies and can pull flames into himself While they go on a search to discover what is happening in the kingdom Ourthuro, an evil power is after them and only Jin and Rhen hold the key to defeat it I really enjoyed The Shadow Soul as it is a good fantasy, is well written, and I was not bored from beginning to the end There was a lot of traveling in this book, action and a hint of potential romance for future books I got really invested in the story and characters and I enjoyed having the POV of both the male and female protagonist I really liked Jin as she is na ve, intelligent and has an inner strength, she has struggled but never forgot her heritage and is willing to get justice for her family but is also willing to help her friend Rhen is really cleaver, much than p
This review is also posted on my blog I received a copy free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. view spoiler Alright where do I begin.I suppose I ll start positive with Jinji She and the princess of Ourthuro were the best parts of this entire book A native american protagonist Yas please Who is female YAS please Who has incredible magical powers and seems to be a spirit dragon who just now finally got reborn YAS PLEASE.I LOVED Jinji I totally understood why she chose to become a boy because it s fucking DANGEROUS to be a woman of color in a kingdom of white people, whom are also responsible for erasing your culture I was seriously shaking my metaphorical pom poms at her the entire time She could not be badass enough.But let the word vomit begin that was essentially all I liked It s MASSIVE to have a PoC female protagonist, and that s essentially the only redeeming quality A HUGE one, but the only one The Ourthuri princess WOULD have been another one, in the short chapter she had a part in, had she not been entirely forgotten about I wasn t a fan of how ALL of the rest of Jinji s tribe was wiped out, and how they were apparently the only native tribe left in the land Or how the projected bad guys in the entire book, the Ourthuri, were described to be Arabic or Egyptian, or some other mix of a colored desert cul
This took a bit to get into after reading the prequel first I can t figure out where how it fits in properly I really liked Jin s character but she is too secretive for her own good She needed to try to trust someone but even Rhen who saves her, opens up his secrets she is silent It takes a while to understand her relation to spirits in this too Rhen I really liked He too, wore a mask to the world But he is a deep
The Shadow Soul was a good fantasy read After reading the prequel I was really looking forward to continuing the series and this book did not disappoint I liked the characters and found the story fascinating There
People are born to this world with their destiny already laid out before them, with a future already set they only get to fill in the details Jinji is a 16 year old girl with a unique bond to the elemental spirits As she prepares for what should be one of the proudest moments in her life, she finds herself bound to darkness a shadow that moves from her waking dreams into her reality and steals everything from her She is found by a prince of the new world who shuns his royal standing, preferring adventure He too is bound to the spirits, but unlike Jinji, his people fear such magic Danger and secrets bind the two together as Jinji seeks answers and vengeance against the shadow that killed her people, while Prince Rhen tries to uncover a plot against his kingdom before it s too late.The chapters flip back and forth between the two characters points of view Davis takes the time to dig deep into the their thoughts and actions, such that, by the end of the book when the action and intrigue picks up the pace, their separate perspectives are so well woven Even when the chapters duplicate scenes, the emotional weight from each perspective adds so much to the moment Considering what Jinji has lost, Davis does a good job of keeping Jinji focused on that pain, as would be expected after such tragedy, without letting her pain drag the story down There are times when it seems like Jinji i
Loved On to the next novella Read all my reviews on I had read the prequel of the A Dance of Dragons series already, and was at first quite surprised that this story seemed to be about completely different characters However, the princess does make an appearance in the book.Jinji is the last of her people, which are massacred by a shadow force When she s trying to survive by pretending to be a boy she meets up with Rhen, a prince who s onto a plot to destroy his family.It was described as A Game of Thrones which is very dangerous as it sets the expectations very high without even having started the book I don t think it lives up to that claim It is far less political perhaps this will be in the later books , and of a standard YA fantasy where two teenagers need to save the kingdom, both with a secret one of them actually is a girl, the other a
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