Circle of Eight

Circle of Eight The Circle Of Eight Is An Exciting Magical System For Developing Powerful, Transformative Rituals Based On Your Relationship With The Land Join Jane Meredith As You Process And Incorporate The Unique Conditions Of Your Location The Climate And Seasons, Flora And Fauna, The Manifestation Of Elements, And Other Important Aspects Of Place Through Explorations Of Mythic Work, Invocations, Inner Discovery, And Relationships Within Magical Circles, This Book Provides Much Needed Insight Into The Experience Of Local Magic Whether You Live In A Rainforest, A City, Or Anywhere In Between.With Instructions For Setting Up Your Own Circle Of Eight, Jane Meredith S Unique Approach Will Radically Reinvent Your Relationship With Traditional Circle Magic Suitable For Beginners, Advanced Ritualists, Groups, And Solo Practitioners, This Book Helps You Step Boldly Into The Powerful Magic Of Place And The Great Wheel Of The Year.Praise In A Gentle But Insistent And Courageous Voice, Jane Meredith Teaches Us How To Bend Our Spirit To Listen To What The Sacred Land Is Telling Us About Itself, And To Create Ritual That Is Alive, Vibrant, And Flexible Enough To Adapt To Whatever Comes With Honesty And Grace Anne Newkirk Niven, Editor, Witches Pagans Magazine Circle Of Eight Provides Real, Heartfelt, And Practical Methods Of Living Our Spirituality, Of Reminding Us What Our Paganism Truly Means, While Keeping Open And Inspired By The Lessons Around Us Cat Treadwell, Druid Priest And Author Of Facing The Darkness And A Druid S Tale 1 This book has sparked anger and frustration that I ve been fascinated by paganism for close to 15 years, and yet I still don t have the tools necessary to practice, thanks to the proliferation of books that promise easy spells and honor the God and Goddess of Wicca, rather than books that offer skills you need to establish your own ritual practice.2 Jane Meredith s writing is beautiful, moving, shows so much thoughtfulness and depth.3 While th
I was intrigued by the magic system Jane Meredith proposes, and I plan to use elements of it in my own practice as well as in an upcoming group ritual I did feel that she strayed from the meat of the workings of the Circle of Eight and went on a lot of tangents about different points in her life where she went and visited the local landmarks that they used to underpin their circle On the other hand
The Circle of Eight system can revive our own ancestral memories based on the sacredness of the land Especially thrilling is realizing how the ancient European practices of marking the Earth with great stone circles and the ley line tradition can live on today, by incorporating the lore of the land into our ceremonies, rituals, magical practices and everyday lives Wherever we are located, forming
A method for creating a sense of place where all places are sacred when you name them so A workbook A story and memoir book A guide to creating magic wherever you are and however you like.

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  • 312 pages
  • Circle of Eight
  • Jane Meredith
  • 28 April 2017
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