Avengers (1963-1996) Annual #10

Avengers (1963-1996) Annual #10 With Her Memories And Powers Wiped Out By Rogue Of The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, Ms Marvel Is Rescued From San Francisco Bay By Spider Woman After Her Identity Is Revealed, Spider Woman Decides To Call In Her Friends The X Men To Try And Restore Carol Danvers Lost Memories. It s difficult to read old classic comics because the art isn t as sophisticated and the writing style is pretty old fashioned and extremely cheesy However I think this is a very important issue to read and it packs a punch.You ve got Spider woman rescuing Carol Danvers after Rogue took her memories, powers and personality and left her a blank slate Professor X helped her get her memories back which includes everything that happened with Marcus in what I known now as The Rape of Ms Marvel story Meanwhile the Avengers and Spider Woman have a pretty epic fight with Mystique, her Brotherhood of Mutants and Rogue who has Ms Marvel powers plus Captain America and Thor.The conclusion of this issue is where it gets really good The Avengers visit Carol at the Xavier s and she really lays into them about what they did to her by being happy about the creepy pregnancy and letting Marcus take her away with big smiles and wave
An absolutely wonderful read I was recommended this book because it was the origin of Rouge and I loved the character The art was stunning and the plot interesting So much action Could not recommend it if you can get your hands on it Five out of five stars. Avengers Annual 10 written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Michael Golden is a key issue for X Men fans Rogue makes her first appearance As always, Chris Claremont is a master of compression, and shoehorns a lot of story into
a bad cover for one of the best avengers tale ever 4.5 stars.I got the true believers edition of this comic this week Rouge wasn t playin with the Avengers at all in this one Great story. Wow Rogue, Spider Woman, Ms Marvel Very intense and good story.