Craig's Wife

Craig's WifeWinner Of The 1926 Pulitzer Prize For Drama, Craig S Wife Is A Scathing And Insightful Work By One Of The Masters Of American Drama A Tense And Biting Satire On The Darker Side Of Human Nature, Craig S Wife Examines The Role Of Materialism And Control Within Marriage. Reading this award winning play, I was amazed I had not heard of it before But the content, for the 1920s, seems a bit hard A woman intent on controlling all aspects of her life, especially her husband, finds she cannot control everything Her life begins to
Whenever I pick up a play that s been mostly forgotten especially one that won the Pulitzer I go into it expecting it to be bad or feature awful racism or be terribly dated In short, I start reading waiting for the other shoe to drop Craig s Wife is a little dated, but it was unexpectedly good It s a fascinating exploration of marriage and control, of the tension in marriage between love and practicality No, the characters aren t all terribly dense with loads of nuance, but that s sort of the point of the whole play sometimes people and situations are what they seem Full stop.The play takes a few twists along the way, and while they do veer toward melodramatic, they had me uncertain as to how the play would wrap up I once again end with this thought Why is it that the plays of the 1920s and 1930s feature such a plethora of fascina