Love, Tussles, and Takedowns (Cactus Creek, #3)

Love, Tussles, and Takedowns (Cactus Creek, #3) He S A Better Fighter A Fighter To The Core, Hudson Reyes Has Collected Enough Battle Scars Now To Last Several Lifetimes But After His Combat Injuries Retire Him From The Military Life He Wasn T Ready To Give Up, Hudson Finds Himself Spending The Carbon Copy Days Of His New Career As A Hollywood Fight Scene And Weapons Specialist Just Doing What He Knows Best Surviving Until He Meets Her The One Woman Who Makes Him Want To Live Again With Wounds As Deep As His Own, She S A Scrappy Little Thing An Angel Faced Paradox That Comes As A Package Deal With An Offbeat Town Of Admirably Protective, But Downright Nosy Folks.And A Wicked Roundhouse Kick That S Become Intimately Familiar With His Head But She Has All The Weapons An Antique Arms Authenticator By Day And A Self Defense Instructor By Night, Liana Lin Has Made A Living Turning The Unthinkable Demons Of Her Past Into The Passions That Fuel, And Fill, Her Life So When The Unjustly Handsome Man She S Been Unable To Stop Thinking About Literally Takes Her To The Mat With Martial Arts Styles Unlike Anything She S Ever Seen Pinning Her With A Molten Hot Stare That Melts Her Like A Marshmallow Trapped Between A Graham Cracker And A Chocolate Square Lia Flips Into No Holds Barred Fight Mode Because If One Man Could Find A Way To Disarm Her Carefully Built Defenses, It D Be Him Now If Only They Could Stop Sparring Long Enough To Find OutTHE CACTUS CREEK SERIESBook 1 Love, Chocolate, And BeerBook 2 Love, Diamonds, And SpadesBook 3 Love, Tussles, And TakedownsBook 4 Love, Exes, And Ohs FREE on today 6 2 2019 Toodrawn out for me The writing was very good, but the plot, story line was dragged out too much I m so torn writing this review because I am a HUGE fan of Violet Duke s books This book not so much While I really like the overall story, the writing felt rushed with many of the twists and character issues left unresolved I love the characters in this book but
FREE on today 5 4 2019 Good romance.This series is full of great romance stories Each book is a complete novel with no cliffhanger The characters are great with lots of emotion The writing style is easy to follow and focuses on the story details rather than a lot of steamy scenes I would recommend the whole series. Hudson and Lia s story was very sweet I loved the chemistry between the two Their story made me laugh and cry It was very touching. This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland4.5 starsI loved Love, Tussles, and Takedowns Hudson and Lia are amazing together Where they both end up by the end of the book is just perfect Such a great read.Lia is this strong, tough, girl She is the bouncer for the local bar, she is an antique arms authenticator, she does kickboxing and martial arts, she is just amazing She is small, but man you do not want to mess with her Loved her.Hudson is trying to figure out his new life outside the military He was forced to retire when he was injured before he was ready Now he is working on films helping with the fight scenes and weapons expert He has a bit of PTSD and just not really dealing with what happened to him well He is just kind of existing until he sees Lia at a friends wedding When he runs into her again at an antique arms convention he is intrigued.One of my favorite things about this book is how much Hudson loves Lia for her strength How he admired her for her skills and knowledge o
Violet Duke brings us a romance with two incredibly romantic Alphas, that know their firearms and love to roughhouse and find it incredibly SEXY They are adorable, trying to take it slow but getting turned on at the slightest noise, roundhouse kick, and tap out Liana, the heroine, seems like she has all of her trauma behind her, but there is something that she didn t really know wasn t resolved Hudson has a deeply buried misery that when it rears it s ugly head it s well ugly This torment is difficult to resolve Love, Tussles, and Takedowns takes place in a quirky small town with Saturday Markets that have giant Lincoln Logs and colorful picnic blankets rather than tables scattered through the park It also opts to have a cereal bar instead of a sundae bar Liana s brothers are compelling There is Caine the overprotective Police Officer Gabe is the tech genius that Lo Jacks cell phones and can make watches that monitor heart rate and mood and even match a playlist accordingly Max is of a Gamer guy who Betas the games before release But they are f
4.5 The first time Hudson has seen Liana, he couldn t take his eyes off her And as an antique arms authenticator trained in martial arts, Hudson was in awe He was so turned on, on how much she knew her firearms After he saw her ride her motorcycle, he was turned on even After that he couldn t get his mind off her, he tracked her down and surprised her at the bar When they started talking it was effortless, they talked like they ve know each other for years That day was the first day of their new friendship Every time they talked it was relaxing and they always enjoyed each other s company Hudson s life was all about surviving, until Liana came into his life She was everything he always wanted, but knew he couldn t have Hudson didn t feel like he deserved someone to make him happy, because of his past But being arou
Ahhh Hudson and LiaI really liked these two Honestly Lia HAS to be a gift from another world with how sweet and patient she is These two damaged souls come together to heal each other with the best known power to man Love With acceptance and caring these two create quite a powerful couple I love that Hudson isn t so careful with her He doesn t treat Lia like fine china This is what made me truly and really LOVE Hudson.He know s she can hold her own and doesn t coddle her He also chose her over his career I know that seems miniscule but at the end of the day he chose love and it made me so happy This was a super sweet love story that really highlighted acceptance and loving past the flaws I enjoyed that there was a bit of military background in there and that Lia was pretty kick ass if not perfect and ethereal in every way I especially loved her family unit I mean her brothers are pretty spectacular and I kind of hope stories come our way abo