Human Invasion

Human Invasion In The Year 3031, Charles Is A Zombie, But He S Managed To Live In Peace With His Fellow Undead Neighbors For Two Years.It Took Awhile After The Outbreak To Adjust To Being A Walking Corpse, But The New Race Quickly Figured Out How To Use The Human Scientists To Clone Brains For Food The Brains Gave Them A New Awareness, Allowing Them To Live As Close To Normal As Possible It S Much Easier To Survive When It Doesn T Involve Eating Your Friends.Unbeknownst To The Zombies Stumbling Around On Earth, Humans Survived Than They Thought, And Have Spent The Last Two Years Building Their Army, Waiting For The Perfect Moment To Attack The Only Two Captured Human Scientists Left Are Desperately Waiting For A Rescue As They Continue To Serve The Zombies.Only The Humans Have No Idea What They Are Up Against When They Encounter A Race With An Endless Supply Of Brains Because These Enhanced Dead Walkers Are Masters At The Art Of War.