The Ultimate Accidental Housewife: Your Guide to a Clean-Enough House

The Ultimate Accidental Housewife: Your Guide to a Clean-Enough HouseBestselling Author Julie Edelman Returns With An Essential Guide About How To Get Your House Clean Or, Even Better, Just Clean Enough Accessible, Easy To Read, And Entertaining, The Ultimate Accidental Housewife Tm Gives You Fun, Simple Solutions To All Kinds Of Common Household Problems, From Scrubbing The Stove To Spotting Those Stubborn Laundry Stains With Plenty Of Useful Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Your House Just Enough, This Accidentally Domestic Diva Offers Practical Advice You Ll Use Every Day Without Ever Spoiling Your Manicure Find Out How To Limit Your Daily Workload With Defensive Cleaning And OrganizingHandle Toxic Zones Like The Bathroom And Kitchen Fix Problems Until The Repairman ComesRemove Aggressive Stains This Must Have Little Volume Splits Housekeeping Into Two Categories Toxic Zones Include The Bathrooms And Kitchen, Since They Have The Greatest Chance Of Housing Living Organisms That Multiply Or Smell Not So Toxic Zones Include The Bedrooms, Living Room, And Family Rooms, Where Dust Bunnies Are Your Biggest Foe In Addition, Helpful Sections Like I Never Knew You Could Do That Include Myriad Uses For Ordinary Household Products, And The United Stains Across America, An Accidental Favorite, Is The Most Patriotic Stain Guide You Ll Ever See With Julie S Trademark Inventiveness And Good Humor, The Ultimate Accidental Housewife Is A Sanity Saver For Overextended Women Everywhere. 2 stars for mentioning some green cleaners That s all she gets.I m not your typical girlie girl I have had one manicure in my life, forced on me by my friends So, I could give a crap about manicure friendly this and that That phrase was WAY overused in this book, I was cringing each time I read about manicure friendly and
has some good advice, but i set my sponge on fire when i microwaved it to disinfect my kitchen smelled awful and my husband thought i was nuts. This wasn t really the best of books Edelman had a few decent tips, such as a listing of how long you should keep cosmetics and warnings to not mix bleach and ammonia, but aside from that it was really of a party girl s way to avoid cleaning whilst looking like you are cleaning She gives awful tips like lining the inside of the microwave with twenty layers of paper towels so you can just throw one aw
Meh Didn t learn much Gave it an extra star for the author s amusing writing style It eventually became annoying though In all, there are better books about housecleaning To be fair, I didn t read her first book but if it s like this one I m not sure why it became a national best s
This book is not only totally helpful, but pretty fun to read, too It s not a read from front to back kinda novel, but it s a marvelous reference guide to all kinds of things for your household, esp if you want to save time and or prevent extra work in the future Simple and enjoyable.This would be
Already dated I can t give this any stars Nauseating. Really funny book

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  • The Ultimate Accidental Housewife: Your Guide to a Clean-Enough House
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