Marxism and the National and Colonial Question

Marxism and the National and Colonial QuestionOriginally Published 1934, A Collection Of Articles And Speeches On The Nationalities Question In The Soviet Union Before The 1917 Revolution, Stalin Was The Communist Party S Expert On The Nationalities Problem After The Revolution He Became Commissar For The Nationalities In The Early Years Of The Soviet Union The Nationalities Problem Was A Debate Over Which National Groups Of The Old Russian Empire Were To Remain A Part Of The New Soviet Union And Which Should Form Independent Nations The Material In This Book Covers Finland, Georgia, Poland, And Ukraine The National Question In Yugoslavia And Many Related Topics. Interesting insight Not quite how he ultimately treated the National Question when he became dictator. This is widely considered to be Stalin s main contribution to the canon of Marxist theoretical literature, so important reading from a historical perspective The opening sections on how a nation can be conceived of and defined are coherent and illuminating even today.Like many historical political tracts, much space is taken up with refutations of contemporary theorists which which will be so much arcana to the modern reader, although the grappling with the demands of the Bund f
Only useful for the short critique of Bauer, maybe some historical perspective re what guided Stalin s policies Nothing particularly compelling or useful on its own right. . Too many refutations, not enough solutions nor anything that is better than what is criticized. De acuerdo con Stalin, las naciones son inmediatamente revolucionarias, y revoluci n significa modernizaci n el nacionalismo es una etapa ineludible del desarrollo En la interpretaci n de Stalin, sin embargo, como el nacionalismo se vuelve socialismo, el socialismo se vuelve Rusia, e Iv n el Terrible debe yacer en la tumba junto a Lenin La Internacional Comunista se transform en una asamblea de las quintas columnas de los intereses nacionales rusos La noci n de revoluci n comunista el espectro deterritorializador que recorri Europa y el mundo, y que desde la Comuna de Par s hasta 1917 en San Petersburgo y hasta la Larga Marcha de Mao pretendi agrupar a desertores, partisanos internacionalistas, obreros huelguistas e intelectuales cosmopolitas se transform finalmente en un r gimen reterritori
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. .. . Went back to this upon reading Cedric Robinson s comments in his Black Marxism It is amazing that this piece of hack work has any standing at all Its history is pretend Anyone wanting to place this in context should look at the history of Ukraine, Tajikistan,

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