Witch Test

Witch Test When Rosamunde Turned Thirteen, She Had To Pass A Test From The Faerie Court In Order To Gain The Powers Of A Witch But Her Simple Test Just Got Turned On Its Head When A Mysterious Old Woman Appeared And Offered Her A Choice Rosa Can Accept The Old Woman S Offer Of Forbidden Power Or Face Deadly Monsters A Human Girl Could Never Deal With Magical Dangers On Her Own, But Getting Help From Anyone Else Is Strictly Against The Rules Of The Test Will Rosa Risk Her Life To Gain The Magic She S Always Wanted This Short Story Is A Prequel To Small Town Witch, Book 1 Of The Fae Of Calaveras Trilogy, And Can Be Enjoyed At Any Point In The Series. I enjoyed Rosa s introduction to Dandelion and her race against the Unseelie The one thing that would have made the story better is to have described the Fae Court s tests indetail. Witch Test is a cute quirky short story It was fun to see what Rosa had to do to pass the fae s test I really liked that Dandelion was incorporated into this tale because it just reinforces his importa
Witch Test is the prequel to the first novel in the Fae of Calaveras County trilogy and it tells the story of Rosa s quest to become worthy of becoming a witch Animals and other beings are met, tests are posed and a Fae male becomes Rosa s sponsor as she becomes witch worthy Rosa is 13 in thi
This was a quick read about the main character in the story Witch Hunt Rosa had to ace a test before getting her powers as a witch from the Fae This story goes into detail about it and how she makes it Really well written and allows you to understand this character much better This review was written for LibraryThing Members Giveaways.A little insight into the trials that Rosa experiences This short story exhibits Rosa s integrity and her desire to pass the test so she can begin training as a witch. This very short and fast read is an introduction to the series, and an introduction to Rosa.It is written as secrets being shared between two young girls.I did enjoy it, but I felt there could have beendetail.It was enough that I will check out Kristen Walker s other writing.