Jolted (Conflicted Encounters #1)

Jolted (Conflicted Encounters #1) Sometimes, Something Jolts You Out Of Everything You Have Ever Known, And It Isn T Possible To Go Back To The Way Things Were Kallie Adam S Life Is Turned Upside Down When She Loses Her First Love When She Can T Handle The Pressure Of Her Overbearing Life Any, She Runs Away Kallie Has Always Been Forced To Live Up To Everyone S Expectations When Kallie Meets Ryder, She Sees An Opportunity To Break Out Of The Good Girl Life She Always Led Ryder Brooks Has His Own Secrets And Knows He Is No Good For The Girl That Showed Up Out Of Nowhere He Will Only Ruin Her, Like He Ruins Everything, But He Can T Help Wondering What She Is Running From Ryder Makes Kallie Feel Things She Thought She Would Never Feel Again Will He Help Kallie Heal Or Be Her Undoing They Will Soon Realize They Have In Common Than They Knew, Enough To Keep Them Apart. MY RATING JOLTED by Alyne Roberts 4 PRINCESS STARS Complimentary copy provided by the author Alyne Roberts in exchange for an honest review THANK YOU This is the first book I have read from this author and I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised She will definitely be going on my GPS stalkers Facebook Route Loved the storyline, the characters, so easy to get lost in the story but hard to put down I can not wait to read the rest of this story and maybe the others in this book because I would be really down for that lolSo you know the story lineKallie loses her first love due to a tragic accident, without futher ado she just jumps in her car and just drives and drives with no destination in sight.Stops at a small town, enters a bar, drinks herself to oblivion and wakes up in a hot guys bed, goes to leave the next morning but her car has given up the ghost, Scarlett the hot guys twin sister takes her under her wing..THE GIRL ALWAYS WITH A PLAN I was the girl always with a plan, without a plan the rest is chaos, my life had been chaos since the day I was told about Carter, now i was just waiting for the disaster to hit.I DON T WANT TO BE ME ANY MORE, I CAN T BE THAT GIRL, I WANT TO FORGET THAT GIRL The easiest thing would be just to get rid of the car, buy something else and be on her merry wa
I was very kindly provided with a copy of Jolted to read and review.Ryder and Kallie, two very different people but both travelling down the same path When Kallie is trying to cope with the grief of losing the person she s closest to in the world she seeks refuge by escaping the pressures of people expecting her to handle her pain without giving her the time and space to properly grieve When her car breaks down in the small, quiet, out of the way town close to where her boyfriend lost his life, she is cast directly in to the path of twins Scarlett and Ryder Unable to leave, avoiding her past and looking for a way to become someone new she quickly becomes immersed in theirs lives and their hearts Will they find a way to help her open up, heal and become the woman she s set out to discover Is her heart capable of loving again Kallie is seemingly happy and content within the first handful of pages, she has money, status and her whole future mapped on in front of her She s young and her upbringing dictate it, but her lack of being able to stand up to pe
I was provided with a copy of this book to give a honest review.I must start by saying how much I really enjoyed this book, I love books that give you both angles to a story which this certainly does This book follows the story of Kallie who seems to have everything going for her Wealthy, hot boyfriend, jus graduated college and just waiting for the proposal, but then everything she has planed for her future changes in the blink of an eye Her parents jus want her to get over it and move on with her life but she just isn t ready to let go She finds herself a long drive from home sitting in a bar, when a handsome stranger tires to lift her out of her funk Enter Ryder He is your typical bad boy in appearance, leather, tattoo, jet black hair that jus oozes sex appeal I don t wanna say to much and give away the story, as it is one of those books that once you start you can t just seem to put down The main question is even though they should stay away from each other can
This is my second Alyne Roberts book I loved the first one and read it in a single night, so I was excited to pick up this one Jolted follows Kallie, a girl whose life is jolted by the death of her boyfriend She finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere with no desire to return home I loved this storyline, it was a little different that my latest reads Kallie becomes friends with Scarlett who is my favorite character now and her brother Ryder I love, love Ryder He was a little bit bad boy, but was still this sweet guy He takes care of her when she is drunk, helps her with her car, helps her find a job Everything that you can hope for The characters develop beautifully throughout the boo
Wow Jolted was an amazing read It grab my attention right from the beginning and I didn t want to put it down until I was done reading It starts out sad and I did have tissues nearby just in case I needed them Kallie has her life all planned out with her long time boyfriend Carter Kallie s world is turned upside down when she loses Carter On the day of her graduation party, Kallie drives off and ends up in a small town She meets Ryder at a bar in town The next morning when she goes to leave, her car breaks down Her car breaking down might just have been what she needs.Ryder s sister Scarlett invites Kallie to stay with them while her car gets fix Scarlett is one of the nicest, sweetest characters I felt like she was too nice and she must be hiding something Ryder is standoffish and sometime down right rude He has feelings for Kallie but doesn t want to
This unbiased review is based on a free copy of provided to me by a Good Reads discussion group I am a part of The early portion of this book did a great job of outlining the story of a tragedy and the recovery process that the main character goes through It was detailed enough for the reader to appreciate the story, without being overbearing As the story goes on, the author tells of the main characters turbulent and sometimes a bit unbelievable recovery process There were a number of editing issues, with repeated prose, that was a bit frustrating, but once I got beyond that, I had an appreciation for the author s approach and style I am not a big fan of books that change points of perspective, and in this story, I felt that the use of that approach was a bit unnecessary The style associated with Kallie was much better and easier to relate to than when we heard the story from Ryder s pers
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Overall I think this is a good story with a strong underlying plot, and certainly I cared enough to read it all the way through However, parts of it just seemed so unrealistic, that it detracted from the storyline There were some funny scenes, and some touchingly hot ones, which worked well The story was told by both characters, and normal
Free review copy for blog tour.Rated 3.5 stars Kallie Adams just graduated from Georgetown and is saying goodbye to her best friend room mate, Chloe, and boyfriend, Carter, before heading home He s supposed to be one day behind her having already gotten a job interview for a very promising job All she wants is a break to breathe and her boyfriend by her side, but as soon as she gets home her all too controlling and overbearing parents are already asking her what classes she has signed up for to complete her masters degree They are molding her to run the family business, and although her family is extremely well off, she has to work very hard for everything they give her There are no free handouts in this family The day after Kallie gets home, her mother informs her that Carter was killed in an accident on his way home Kallie shuts down She doesn t know what to do or how to handle it She s always been Carter s girl After a few weeks of her walking around like a zombie trying to work thru her grieving, her parents t
I received a copy in exchange of an honest review I liked Jolted very much, to the point that I went and bought the follow up book to see how Kallie and Ryder s story ends.Kallie Adams has the perfect life or so it seems She just finished college, has the perfect boyfriend, Carter, high school sweetheart with whom her future is fully planned, loving, if overbearing, parents Life deals her a brutal blow with Carter s death in a car accident, making Kallie look for answers to questions she never asked herself before In a deep distress and emotional void left by Carter s absence from her life, life which gravitated around him, he was my everything , her parents decision to go on with her graduation party is the last straw that pushes Kallie over the edge and on the run, to see the collision s site, in reality to look for what she is, to reconstruct herself from the ashes of her previous, care free, decisions free life Running away doesn t solve the problem, but puts things in perspective and living among strangers gives her a new look at herself, not clouded by pit
Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review Thank you.I have mixed emotions about this book and I m trying to figure out how to put it into words There s Kallie, a privileged do gooder that strives to please everyone around her It s what her family expects of her She had the perfect life she thought as long as she had her long time first love Carter Then he was taken from her in a horrible accident My first problem started here The author rushed over Carters death and his funeral I didn t feel Kallie s pain after his death I thought I d be crying but instead the author told me he died but didn t show me and I felt disappointed that I didn t really feel Kallie s loss.Then one day weeks later Kallie snaps, she can t take it any She can t be the girl everyone expects her to be so she flees and ends up in a small town hours away from home where Carters life was taken from him Here she meets a Ryder a hot bad boy when she ends up getting drunk for the first time ever Her car breaks down and Ryder and his twin Scarlett take her in until it s fixed They begin to show her what it s like to live and be a normal