Kadian Journal

Kadian Journal In July 2012 Thomas Harding S Fourteen Year Old Son Kadian Was Killed In A Bicycle Accident Shortly Afterwards Thomas Began To Write This Book Is The Result.Beginning On The Day Of Kadian S Death, And Continuing To The Year Anniversary, And Beyond, Kadian Journal Is A Record Of Grief In Its Rawest Form, And Of A Mind In Shock And Questioning A Strange New Reality Interspersed Within The Journal Are Fragments Of Memory Jewel Bright Everyday Moments That Slowly Combine To Form A Biography Of A Lost Son, And A Lost Life.It Is An Extraordinary Document, And Several Things At Once A Lucid, Raw, And Startlingly Brave Book A Powerful And Moving Account Of A Father S Grief, And A Beautiful Tribute To An Exceptional Son. Harding s reflection on grief, after his only son, Kadian, is killed in a freak cycling accident, opens on that pivotal day The family are cycling in the Wiltshire countryside, when he is killed of witnessing the accident, Harding writes He s suddenly way ahead of me A hundred feet perhaps He must have gathered speed And then there s a flash of a white van, moving fast from left to right, at the bottom of the slope It shouldn t be there And the van hits Kadian Driving him away from view, away from me Much of the memoir uses this choppy narrative style, which works very well to describe the accident and its aftermath, but is not so effective at other times For the most part, Harding s prose is both heartfelt and very matter of fact the latter made me feel rather detached from the whole It felt, at times, as though I was intruding upon somebody s personal diary, which I had no right to read There was no real sense that Kadian Jour
Exquisite Goodness and sadness dance with each in this book I felt I knew the young man and his family so intimately by the end of the book and it expanded my understanding of both grief and family Glad I didn t let this one slip by. Phenomenal, poignant and emotionally intelligent discourse on grief. This is about my nephew, my brother in law and my sister Very dear to my heart I love them so much and Thomas does an excellent job of telling their story Miss you Kadian Auntie Gayle Heartbreaking and yet wonderfully poetic A description of the pain of death and the equally painful process of healing Loss and hope intermingle in a dance that lasts a lifetime. This is is the most personal and tragic of stories And while I shake when I tell the story, I read Kadian Journal in 5 straight hours of tears and wonderment Thomas lets the wonder of his boy come through Thomas Harding sets a rare and high standard for writing The pain of the story is intertwined with the joy and originality of Kadian He reveals his own bereavement and hurt that is courageous in its honesty At the end what Thomas Har
A very sad emotional read If you want a good cry, you should read this Kadian Journal is a tremendously heart breaking bereavement of Thomas Harding, who lost his son in a bicycle accident he witnessed on 25 July 2012 The scores of pages are leaden with a riot of emotions that celebrate life mourn loss
An extraordinarily brave account of close, personal, familial grief from the perspective of the Father about the death of his own son.I was slightly daunted by the premise of the book, but found the account and
Raw, honest emotion from a bereaved father Searing and painful to read, but incredibly powerful and necessary Thanks for sharing your story.I salute you Sir.

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Kadian Journal
  • Thomas Harding
  • English
  • 15 June 2017
  • 9780434023011