Recovery (Salvage Stories, #2)

Recovery (Salvage Stories, #2) Salvage Stories Book Two San Diego Is A City Of Second Chances For Jamie Carlson His New Career As A Photographer Is Taking Off, And With The Support Of A Loving Surrogate Family, He S Finally Putting His Party Years Behind Him The Bailey Family Helped Him Solve His Drinking Problem, But There S No Easy Solution To Staying Sober Now That Belle Bailey S Dying Her Last Wish Is A Challenge Jamie Can T Overcome Without Help Solving Problems Is Daniel Priest S Specialty More Than Twenty Years Older Than Jamie, He S Successful And Experienced He Makes His Living Resolving Corporate Crises But His Personal Life Has Been Far From Perfect Now That His Marriage Is Over, Daniel S Determined To Make Up For Lost Time One Night With Jamie Isn T Nearly Enough For Him Daniel S Honest Offer Of Help Is Than Jamie Expects From A One Time Hookup Even So, Fulfilling Belle S Last Wish Is A Tall Order Repairing Her Damaged Family As She Requests Proves Difficult When Jamie Has To Face His Own Past As Well Jamie Could Risk His Hard Won Recovery By Admitting Why He Hit Rock Bottom In The First Place If He Wants A Future With Daniel, He Ll Have To Address Those Reasons Head On. powerful, and human same difference.a different novel than the truly outstanding Salvage, but no less the other side of the same coin.and you can tell with parallels, not just related characters and similar themes with thoughtfully balanced details and developments in opposition, and in harmony also.i thought this was a terrific followup, and another in the growing canon of an uncommonly sensitive and clever wr
I m having a horrible, horrible problem with this book I ve read 50% of it and I still can t get into it at all At all I want to cry because I LOVE Con Riley so hard but I have zero motivation to continue I keep forcing myself to read on but I think I m going to throw in the towel for now.I didn t feel much chemistry between Daniel and Jamie actually, if it wasn t from the blurb I would still be convinced that Owen might become the love interest and, as of now, the book lacks any romance in general I think the focus of this story seems to be on family and tragedy and I m not in the mood for that Also, the cancer subplot caused me to have a nervous breakdown yesterday I became convinced two of my moles were a deadly form of melanoma, cried for an hour, and had m
An easy, fluffy read this was not This novel depicts the daily grind of recovery the cravings, shame, and guilt For Jamie, booze was always the drug of choice At the end of Jamie, along with his sponsor Alec, visits Gabe and Gabe s dad, Coop, in Minnesota to make amends In this book, Jamie, still living in San Diego, has been sober for a while but still struggles with temptation and despair Add death and grief, and recovery is a hard road indeed The emotional aspects of recovery and healing were handled with depth and sensitivity This is not the Jamie we saw through Gabe s eyes in the first book This sober Jamie is kind He looks out for people he s capable of giving and loving As Jamie grapples with losing someone close to him, his demons rear their ugly head In the midst of this dark time, Jamie meets Daniel, a man almost twice his age, who is patient and understanding Because this book is told from Jamie s perspective, Daniel seems nearly too good to be true I wanted to know about Daniel s marriage and divorce, about his attraction to Jamie I couldn t quite see the connection,
5 stars from me Just pure magic Quality writing from a wonderful storyteller A beautiful, intense, emotionally uplifting read of redemption and self forgiveness, although I have to say that IMHO the romance between Jamie and Daniel almost takes a back seat, but is so skilfully interwoven by the storyteller with everything else that is going on in this magnificent tearjerker of a story, that it s seamless.If you read Salvage and if not why not , you ll know that Jamie had severe problems with drink and random hook ups, but not all of the reasons for that behaviour were apparent in that book We get full disclosure as they say in the US in this storynone of which I m going to go into here, but Jamie was certain that no one would want him for himself in view of his past UNTIL he met Daniel, who is over 20 years older than Jamie and has his own unfortunate story
Oh my God Con Riley never ceases to amaze me what can I even say about this book It was beautiful and heartbreaking the journey you take with Jamie and his surrogate family is so poignant and well written Jamie is so much stronger than he gives himself credit for and Daniel Steady, kind, genuinely wonderful Daniel was exactly what Jamie needed once
This is Jamie s story having read Salvage gave me a little added background, and I wasn t surprised by the themes that arose, but I think the book could be read as a stand alone too.This is a book about love, in all its forms, than a pure romance Although Jamie does meet his wonderful man in Daniel, the story has a lot of hurt comfort front and center, even in their relationship Jamie is dealing first and foremost with the family of his heart Alex, the man who took him in when he hit bottom, and got him started on the road to alcohol recovery, is the father Jamie never had His wife Belle is the mother Jamie s own should have been And Belle s cancer is relapsing, bringing Alex, Jamie, and the couple s estranged son Owen together in the crisis As often as not, Daniel is there trying to be Jamie s support and comfort, until Jamie can get to a place where he s ready for .I hadn t actually read the blurb for this, because I loved the first book and trust the author, so for a while I wasn t even sure which guy Jamie would end up with But as he tries to bring Owen and Alex together, over the hurts inflicted by a decade of Alex s own alcoholism, it is Daniel whom Jamie turns to, and eventually trusts And Owen becomes and his brother as I d have known, had I read There are sparks of all kinds between Jamie and Owen, and a steady burn
A year ago almost to the exact day I read my first Con Riley book and fell head over heels for her writing This book, this wonderful book is the last of what she has published that I have read and it s a bittersweet moment because I love her work and I want You hear that I want and need sigh We meet Jamie in Salvage as Gabe s best friend who hurts Gabe, though unintentionally, in ways that I did not like When I realized Jamie would be getting a book, my first though was son, you have some serious splaining to do, because you pissed me off but knowing your issues, fuck dude You know if you didn t react, then what had happened to you didn t matter Jamie he has had a rocky past with is assault as a young man that led to his alcoholism He was a bit of a jerk in Salvage but once I opened this book, I was hooked on him and wanted nothing but the very best in every way imaginable I adored how Jamie saw the world through a lens, and not just the one attached to his camera Jamie sees life in moments and the ones he does capture on film are stunning stories that come to life He is this strong man who has no idea the depth of his strength though others around him see it and when he meets Daniel at a pivotal point in his questioning of his sobriety and being able to handle things sober at all, I was a goner The age gap in this romance worked so well We have
Recovery focuses on Jamie When we met him in Salvage he was manipulative and utterly unlikeable Oh, how wrong we wereJamie is recovering from many hardships in his life, but his main focus is to stay sober While fighting that constant battle his family, his family that he chose, is falling apart Belle is dying and her last wish is to see her son and father get back the relationship they once had and she asks Jamie to help make that happen He continued to show his dedication and unselfishness for them Even their son Owen snicker I kind of love Owen He s annoying, bratty and rude But I love him He s getting a story, too right bats eyelashes In the beginning of Jamie s story he meets a stranger at a party, Daniel They hit it off and attempt to have a one night stand But Daniel can t seem to stay away and Jamie can t seem to make him I adored Daniel s role in Recovery Their romance wasn t the in forefront, but even so Daniel became a constant in Jamie s life Someone Jamie could rely on when he didn t even know he needed him there He was there for support, he was there to help and he was there to catch Jamie And through that continued support their romance developed.In the center of everything was the Bailey s This family that helped Jamie in his recovery and continued to help him was suffering and Jamie was going
4.5 starsIt s hard to read a book when you constantly have to wipe your tears, but in this case it was worth the effort.Sequel to Salvage, this book as the previous one is a rare example of MM romance beautifully written and perfectly crafted.I m not Jamie, but all over the book I ve been by his side I craved alchool when he did I loved and hated Owen as much as he did I felt pity and rage and sorrow for the horrible things happened in his past I longed for Daniel s self confidence and acceptance I ve seen the world through the lenses of his camera.Kudos to the author for giving life to such a deep and unforgettable character She dealt with tough topics with rare sensitivity and respect I received a fre
After the first book in this series, I unequivocally did not like Jamie How wrong I was.Con Riley covers so much ground here, without a misplaced word, deed or thought There are no complex words here Not an aper u in sight But the richness of this author s prose and tone is stri