Bloom (Unspoken #5)

Bloom (Unspoken #5) Have You Ever Wondered How Many People Would Still Love You If You Were No Longer Beautiful Have You Ever Thought Of People Who Wake Up And Can T Stand The Idea Of Seeing Their Reflections Have You Ever Considered That Death May Be Easier Than Life I Never Did Not Once Not Until One Moment, One Mistake, Changed My Life Forever I Woke Up To Beeping Machines, Hovering Faces, And Pain Like You Wouldn T Believe I M Not Just Talking About My Burns Either I M Talking About My Heart My Name Is Sarah Jordan And This Is My Story I M Tired Of Pretending To Be Perfect Of Painting On A Smile When I M Struggling My Story Isn T Always Pretty And Easy To Read, But It Hasn T Been Easy To Live Either I M Opening Up Letting You In So Maybe, Just Maybe, Together We Can Peel Away The Masks And Find True Beauty True Life Underneath It All Welcome To My Heart Bound Within The Pages Of Bloom. Oh Bloom, I love you Ms Grey, I love you Life, I love you most THIS IS A BOOK YOU SHOULDN T MISS TO READ After reading Bloom, I tend to appreciate what most of us always take for granted the beauty of life, freedom, and the ability to stand up and conquer one s fears Bloom is an eye opener to everyone Physical appearance catches the eye and brings temporary pleasure It ll only make you arrogant It ll make you feel like a beauty queen wearing the crown wherever you go and will crave for the attention and praises of others that you forget that beauty is making you fly so high, and when that beauty fades, you ll fall face to face to the ground Suddenly you ll realize that true beauty comes from within That what matters most is people notice you for having a good heart and kindred spirit, and that what makes you beautiful You have touched the heart of other people without you realizing it Bloom is the fifth book of the Unspoken Series of Marilyn Grey Each is a stand alone book Although the characters grow from the first book up to her current one, Bloom If you re planning to read Bloom without reading her other books, go on Again, each book can stand alone Each has its own story to tell And Bloom has a different one.Bloom is an eye opener to those who are blinded by white skin, curvy body,long legs, toned muscles name the things that define beauty from a shallow point of view I admit that even I adore those perfect bodies some are blessed to have But when I read Bloo
Dear hopeless romantic, I m so glad you have found the Unspoken Series This is a 10 book series ending in late 2015 You can get free books from the series and take a quiz to find out how much you ll enjoy it before reading Go here for info The Unspoken SeriesBook 1 Where Love Finds You Available Now Book 2 Down from the Clouds Available Now Book 3 The Life I Now Live Available Now Book 4 Heart on a Shoestring Available Now
An amazing story of true beauty and friendship One that is very emotional and truly inspiring Take your chance and live while you can, learn to breath again Love will come when you least expect it Maybe along the way you ll meet some wonderful people who will leave lasting impressions upon your heart that will make you change what you believe and think is truly beautiful.I so wanted to be able to finish this in one sitting, as I stayed up late reading into the wee hours of the night Once you start reading you really don t want to stop because you can t wait to see what s going to happen next within the story for Sarah, wondering will she get her happily ever after, will she be able to move forward You feel like you are there with her in laughter, tears, pain, loss, love and friendship as she maneuvers her way around again meeting and facing new changes, fears, and challenges in her life I enjoyed getting those glimpses of past characters from prior books making appearances into the story and seeing new ones arrive slowly blending wonderfully into this particular book giving you insight into this lovely series and making you excited to read about their stories as well I ve enjoyed each book for different reasons, as each one brings something uniquely special to this series.What I can say without giving any spoilers There are many different things that make you beautiful and they re not necessa
Sometimes life hands you lemons, and everyone around you expects you to make lemonade, well sometimes you can t and a lemon is just that, a sour, bitter fruit that is only good when accompanied by something that will make it sweeter and refreshing That remind me of this book, Sarah hasn t had a very good run, and even though I ve wanted to read the book from her point of view since where love finds you, I new it would be an upsetting read She s had lots of obstacles thrown at her, and understandably, she wants to wave the white flag and say world, I ve had enough, I m finished now However, through the devastatingly beautiful book, she learns she has friends who can push her when she s low and hold her when she s had enough They can also smile with her when her body, and heart start to heal I don t want to give anything away but I loved this story It s beautiful and inspiring in a way that no one writes like any Marilyn grey is a rarity and I thank her for that She inspi
Oh wow I am so honored to get and ARC for this book It was just amazing Marilyn seems to keep getting better and better The books keep getting heartfelt than ever before This is just so touching.Sarah, the ever optimist turns pessimistic after an accident taking away her beauty and ability to nurse a child She gets so down you start wondering where was the Sarah we used to read about the one who went through cancer and bounced back better than anyone could ever think they could You understand where she s coming from whenever she does something, even if it is a bit annoying And even through everything she s been through, she still puts others before her.She can t seem to be able to see herself through other people s eyes, no matter how many times they say or show it It s only when a little girl comes in with her uncle does Sarah see ever
I know I could be a broken record but every time I think I have my favorite book in this series figured out another one comes out and I cant make up my mind again This one, I have to say though has moved to the top of my list I literally was crying my eyes out sobbing through a few chapters, angry in some, and beaming with
This series just keeps getting better Each character in this series is so different but yet they work so well together This story is very emotional and inspirational I love the relationships in this story Sarah and Ella have such a wonderful friendship I enjoyed getting to see of the characters from the other books in the series
Marilyn Grey just keeps getting better with each book.Bloom is a story about beauty How do you measure the beauty of something, of someone Is it just the pleasantness of the outward appearance, or the glow that lights from within Sarah Jordan is an excellent photographer She s a people pleaser, and she sees the beauty in even the ugliest thing She used to be a head turner because of her beauty, but when a forgotten camp fire crawled its way to the tent she fell asleep in and licked a large portion of her skin, taking her beauty with it, she starts seeing negative things because how can you see the beauty in things when you can t even find it in yourself Now Sarah is recovering and coming to terms with the fact that the beautiful woman she once was is no longer the woman she sees everytime she looks in the mirror All she sees are the scars that mar her body Gone is the girl who sees beauty in everything.One of the things I love about Marilyn Grey is her knack in tackling the issues of life in every book She does it so simply but when you take the time to not just read but absorb the whole content of the book, you realize that the theme is beautiful and the books get
This books was indescribably beautiful The passage real,strong beauty not shaken by even the cruelest of flames Humble beauty It perfectly describes Sarah s journey to finding herself after the events of being burned and her road to recovery There were lots of moments where you wanted to root for Sarah and James until he had a major personality shift and showed his true colors That was the twist in this one that James wasn t who we thought he was from the previous books But in that way it becomes a relatable story since we almost all have had one of those kind of relationships where you meet someone and then later you find out they aren t exactly what they seem.This story like the others has a lot of life lessons and than a little wisdom the truth is life isn t about love and romance It s not even about tallying up good works a
This book has a heartbeat of it s own You could feel it as you read each page It is a love story, but not in the traditional sense It is about learning to know and love your true self Sarah s heartbeat started out weak and irregular As the story unfolds, it becomes stronger and regular You root for Sarah to heal on the inside from page one You will feel Sarah s pain, you will see her hurt, and you will laugh with