Do Platanos Go Wit' Collard Greens?

Do Platanos Go Wit' Collard Greens?Freeman Woodson, Editor And Chief Of The Shield , The Black Student Newspaper Of Hunter College, Fears That Mayor David N Dinkins, New York City S First Black Mayor, May Be Blowing His Bid For Re Election, And That Black Folk May Be Stuck With Rudolph Giuliani As Mayor.Unable To Sit Idly By, Freeman Helps Form CUNY For Dinkins , A Coalition Of Black And Latino Student Organizations Supporting The Dinkins Re Election Bid.Soon His Involvement In The Campaign And His Budding Relationship With The Beautiful Dominican Student, Angelita, Combine With A Radical Turn Of Events In Her Family To Embroil Freeman In The Depths Of Police Corruption And A Plot To Assassinate The Mayor With His Back Against The Wall, Freeman Finds Himself Forced To Seek The Assistance Of A Family Member Previously Rejected As A Sell Out.Racial Identity, The American Melting Pot, Black Latino Relations, New York City Ethnic And Racial Politics And Police Corruption All Converge In This Humorous And Suspense Packed Journey. This is a great book that really centers on the racial issues between Domincans and African Americans They talk about how some latinos deny their African roots The play was good as well, it really was how the book illustrated it The book also explains some of the history of t
The author is a graduate of NYU School of Law A play, Platanos and Collard Greens, is based on this book. Great depiction of race relations in NYC during the 1990 s