Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried SassoonThe Definitive Biography Of One Of The Twentieth Century S Finest Poets, Siegfried Sassoon Combines Material From The Making Of A War Poet And The Journey From The Trenches , The Two Bestselling Volumes On Sassoon From His Biographer And Foremost Scholar, Jean Moorcroft Wilson Encompassing The Poet S Complete Life And Works, From His Patriotic Youth That Led Him To The Frontline, To The Formation Of His Anti War Convictions, Great Literary Friendships And Flamboyant Love Affairs, This Single Volume Opus Also Includes New Poems Only Just Come To Light With Over A Decade S Research, And Unparalleled Access To Sassoon S Private Correspondence, Moorcroft Wilson Presents The Complete Portrait, Both Elegant And Heartfelt, Of An Extraordinary Man, And An Extraordinary Poet. Beautiful story of a gay soldier in WWI I want to read about Sassoon, but I don t want to read it by this author Long, long passages dedicated to minute and mostly irrelevant details Otherwise a very inspiring book. Excellent and interesting biography of a favourite poet and writer. Maybe there wasn t enough gripping subject matter, I don t know all I do know is that this book focused heavily on incredibly boring and useless details e.g the history of his primary school without dealing with relevant details e.g his relationship with his brothers and mother following his childhood while not spending nearly enough time on the actual interesting details e.g his relationship with Graves, Blunden, Owen, T.E Lawrence, et al The prose was adequate, and only that, and, quite frankly, I am impressed that such an interesting life could be made to be so boring This book is long, full of irrelevant information, and very unlikely to cover areas of interest e.g Sassoon s poli
I can t praise this book highly enough An equable narration of a life so emotionally charged in many ways, thoroughly readable and informative Having only previously read, though many times, Complete Memoirs Am now interested to read the poetry so temptingly introduced within the text.