The Book of Abisan

The Book of Abisan Do You Believe In Destiny When Two Worlds Collide A New Hope Is Born.Yfrey Is Lost, Alone In A World Where Her Kind Is Persecuted She Has One Hope, To Find The Roghnaithe, One Who Is Destined To Help Save Her World From Destruction By A Tyrannical Ruler The Book Of Abisan Crosses Multiple Realities To Follow The Lives Of Two Very Different Women, As They Come Together To Battle Armies, As Well As Their Own Personal Demons.Step Into An Exciting World Of Adventure, Magic And Alternate Realities In This Fast Paced, Action Packed Fantasy. Recap Yfrey is alone in the world, tasked with looking for the Conduit who will help guide the Roghnaithe to save their world Jacques is attacked by a mysterious priest trying to kill her and receives a magical knife in the post Then she meets Yfrey Review A dialogue
Note This is a review of the audiobook.I have never finished an audiobook so quickly and then been so sad it was over too fast This is one of the best fantasy stories I ve listened to in a long time I was hooked right from the beginning Crossovers between a magical universe and our own world are among my favorites, and this one did not disappoint I m also a sucker for the exact type of strong women in this story.Neither Yfrey nor Jaques are perfect, and they aren t buff women with superpowers, unless you count their ability to use magic to their advantage They both have a bit of a past, and part of the story is coming to terms with their own histories while attempting to save Yfrey s world from a tyrant It s brilliantly done There s enough world building to help us understand how each woman has some degree of culture shock
Two strong women are drawn together by an ancient prophecy Yfrey is a witch living in a world where magic has been outlawed She is running for her life, clinging to the Book of Abisan, which directs her to find the Roghnaithe, the savior of their world Jacques lives in a parallel world where magic doesn t exist She works with artifacts in the basement of a museum where she finds solace in hiding away from humanity But soon she has a couple unexplained attempts made on her life I was drawn into these different women from the first pages Both have a brother but Yfrey s brother has abandoned her when she needs him most while Jacques brother in there to support her even when she tries to push him away Because of past struggles, she needs to feel in control of her life.Whether it s destiny, fate, or prophecy, the two
The Book of Abisan crosses multiple realities to follow two very different young women from different realities as they come together in an unusual friendship to battle an inter dimensional army set on conquering both of their worlds Clepitt s characters have rich and complex back stories steeped in the folklore and legend of their worlds Their storied mythologies lend credence to this impressive fantasy read as the plotline twists and turns with an excitement rarely elicited in such short stories Although there are formatting and text alignment issues, they detract little from this engaging saga High action, magic, and two strong female leads sweep this adventure forward with force and determination Clepitt s heroines know that they are strongest when working together, and they
A wonderful fantasy novel with world shifting and compelling characters It is difficult to put down Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere, replete with witty repartee You will love this book I really enjoyed this book it spans three world s including our own and had me hooked straight from the start the story follows yfrey and Jacques who are from different worlds Jacques is from ours and yffrey is from a wor
I really enjoyed this book it spans three world s including our own and had me hooked straight from the start the story follows yfrey and Jacques who are from different worlds Jacques is from ours and yffrey is from a world ruled by a tyrant where magic exists, and together
This is one of the many, many books I picked up on a free day book of abisanI do that on occasion, on a whim, because someone recommends it, because the cover looks nice, or for whatever other random reason This one, I picked up because someone said it was feminist fantasy and I was curious to find out what the hell feminist fantasy is.As usual with those free day finds, I went into the book without even reading the blurb I love doing that, it s a bit like going to a sneak preview at the movies So when the first few pages told me there was a prophecy about two chosen heroes whose task it was to save the world, I was a bit disappointed, but ready for the classic fantasy tale.Ha Silly me.It was obvious within seconds who the chosen heroes heroines, of course, because feminist would turn out to be, but from there on out, nothing was predictable any and the words classic fantasy tale stopped applying.Instead, the characters took over especially Jacques, a mainly grumpy, sharp tongued, gothic, tattooed, martial arts enthusiast from our world, who gets tugged into a fantasy realm where something akin to
I downloaded my copy of The Book Of Abisan after having been pointed towards it on Twitter A feminist fantasy novel of witches, magic and multiple realities, it isn t my preferred genre, but overall I enjoyed the read.The Book Of Abisan is a volume of prophecy, carried and studied by a witch, Yfrey, who is trying to rid her world of an oppressive dictator, Calim Calim is a charismatic man, but one without any magic of his own and he is determined to rid that same world of all its magical beings, leaving himself all powerful Clepitt s book is a fast action packed ride a complete contrast to my previous read, Kent Haruf s Benediction There is some attempt at rounding out the two main characters, Yfrey and a human woman named Jacques, but otherwise everyone is pretty two dimensional with the novel