Daughter of Camelot

Daughter of Camelot Orphaned, Fiercely Independent Rianne Has Grown To Womanhood Beyond Camelot S Circle Of Wealth And Power Unaware That She Is Heiress To A Legacy Of Magic Forged In The Mists Of Avalon, Until A Young Knight Comes In Search Of Her To Return Her To The Family She Has Never Known, Plunging Them Into A Battle Against The Forces Of Darkness That Threaten All Mankind, And A Mortal Passion That Might Destroy Them Both.Sworn In Service To His King, Tristan De Marc Is Prepared To Join The Battle Against The Enemies Who Threaten Camelot S Peace But Bound By Loyalty To Serve The Woman Who Has Raised Him, He Answers Meg S Request To Find The Daughter She Sent Away To Safety Years Before As An Infant What Tristan Finds Is A Passionate Creature And Talented Thief, Who Has Lived By Her Wits And Her Unusual Skill At The Game Of Stones She Has Lived Life On Her Own Terms In The Dangerous, Lawless Border Lands Far From Camelot But The Power Of The Light Is Strong Within Her And She Holds The Key To Camelot S Future, And Tristan S Heart If He Can Persuade Her To Accept The Legacy She Was Borne To.