Invincible Days

Invincible Days This Collection Of Short Stories Forms A Singular Narrative That Reveals The Tiny Moments When You Realize You Are At The Precious End Days Of Youth Calling On Memories From His Own Childhood As Well As Those Gathered From Friends And Family, Author And Artist Patrick Atangan S Work Blends Stories With Strong Psychological Elements And Insight With Simple Artwork Evocative Of Youth Bittersweet, Joyful And Reflective, These Are The Type Of Marking Moments That Best Define Us As Adults. This is a collection of short stories, with animal shaped characters that meditate on childhood, family, friendship and loss It s wonderfully honest and bittersweet.It also puts you in such a quiet, nostalgic mood I read it slowly, because I couldn t imagine rushing through the stories Blasphemy As I read it, I kept thinking of my own childhood.I ve said it before, but I m actually an immigrant I was not born in Canada So, like the characters in this book, there are things I went through at school because I wasn t born Canadian I ve had teachers laugh at the way I pronounced words Surprisingly, when the teachers started laughing, the students didn t One time, a teacher dictated a few words to me, but so fast that I had trouble understanding, and when he saw what I wrote, he started laughing and said, I shouldn t laugh But he did, anyway.Expect situations such as this one in this book It s saddening, since no kid should feel self conscious about the way they look, speak or behave just because they don t look White, have an accent and have differ
Don t read this if you re contemplating your own death But maybe you re like me and kind of think about that all the time anyway since you were like 5, so I guess you ll just have to read it on a day when you re feeling pretty alright.It s a really great book, and I like how it mixes pe
Filipino American artist Atangan has done a lot to advance Western understanding of Asian worlds, including Chinese, Japanese, and Indian, work on myth and history, all collected in a series called Songs of Our Ancestors, all done with a meticulous classical Asian style, informed by his own personal touch This volume of short stories are based in Atangan s own life and drawn about stories friends have told him, but not done in any classical format but instead with cute little animals representing him and his family, in a kind of almost deliberately stilted, simplistic Lego format The main focus is slice of life, quiet, seemingly unremarkable moments that he sees as worth remarking on These stories are about church and pets and food and family, and also about the alienation and isolation due to racism that he and his friends have experienced Not that he and his friends are angry about this, though The tone is quiet, subdued, not enraged.The central and longest series of stories is one that also seems familiar, about his aged and beloved Grandma s debilitating stroke These are quietly touching sto
Beautiful and bittersweetthe stories about his grandmother especially resonated with me. Execution didn t match super well to concept Concept was cute stuffed animals etc telling hard tales, tale telling was not quite as richly emotional as it needed to be Maybe that was the point, but it didn t strike me. With some of the most adorable illustrations I ve seen, these short little stories of childhood in comic strip form, were an absolute joy to read. This is the best thing I have read in a very, very long time I was attracted to it immediately for its sweet Sanrio style drawings with a pastel color palette and infantilized animal protagonists I picked it up off my colleague s desk wondering what a teen librarian was doing with a little kid s book But then she told me a bit about it a book she had ordered for teen but decided was far too mature and so it was getting reclassified into the adult section She described it as sad or dark or something else surprising given the cover and it made me ask her if I could borrow it before she sent it to cataloging something I never do Then I took it home and fell deeply in love with Atangan s short story comic strips about his childhood and coming of age.The subject matter is a stark juxtaposition from the art The tone of each story ranges from melancholy to bleak with a fair dose of ennui thrown in for good measure Themes of death and loss, disappointment and isolation are pervasive as he covers the topics of his Filipino family upbringing, his grandmother s stroke, the death of multiple family pets and The art is sweetly beautiful with a soothing repetition in the panel shapes and elements and it led my brain to a happily ever after zone which never arrived All of the stories most are of his childhood but some are borrowed from others are deeply human and calmly emotional and would make interesting vignettes on their own
A lovely collection of vignettes by the author of his memories, mostly of his childhood in the eighties Though the author presents as a Catholic Asian immigrant, the tales can, for the most part, be nostalgic to anyone who remembers the complexities of being a child These vignettes are often bittersweet and there is a morose air throughout the book especially when midway the topics start to focus on the stroke and eventual death of his 97 year old grandmother In fact death is a main theme throughout as there are many episodes which involve pets and eventually each ones death and the author s response Most of the memories come from the author, however, a number have been passed on to him by friends and family and are noted as such The artwork is adorable and cute reminding me of Japanese children s illustration not manga, but picture book illustration Various animals rep
An odd combination of childish and mature, Atangan tells the story of his childhood and the loss of childhood through animal characters and situations that his friends shared and he remembers I admit it s not the easiest to follow at times with a tiny font size and light pastels for colo
I can t remember if this is a collection of stories that were previously published or not It might be that some of the repetition of certain themes leaves the impression that each story was meant to stand on its own as opposed to as part of a whole I enjoyed its original

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