Psi Hunter (Guardians of the Pattern, #1)

Psi Hunter (Guardians of the Pattern, #1) In A Future Where Humanity Has Spread Out Among The Stars, Those Few Possessing Psychic Abilities Are Looked Upon With Suspicion At Best And Murderous Intent At Worst.On Aurora, One Of The Tolerant Worlds Of The Federation, Pat Cottrell Works For Federation Security As A Psi Hunter, Tracking Down And Neutralizing Dangerous Psi Criminals.Kyn Valdari Works For The Institute For Psionic Research, Running Search And Rescue Operations, In Which Psions In Distress Are Offered The Chance To Learn How To Control Psychic Abilities That Can Threaten Sanity And Ruin Lives.Kyn And Pat Used To Be Best Friends, Closer Than Brothers Three Years Ago, One Passionate Night That Never Should Have Happened Left Both Of Them Shocked, Confused, And Desperately Wanting.They Haven T Spoken Since.Now, The Silence Between Them Must Be Broken Kyn And Pat Have Been Ordered To Investigate A String Of Murders That May Have Been Committed By A Psion Powerful Enough To Kill With A Thought In Order To Succeed, They Will Have To Work Together To Save An Abused, Traumatized Young Psion From Being Taken Advantage Of By The Very Organization That Is Supposed To Save Him. why have just one rapeytrauma storyline when you can have two or even the same one twice thin lipped sigh but honestly what did this book in for me was the occasion of this trope He knew he d been rough and cold last night, maybe ev
This is a paranormal SciFi, set in a future or AU where some humans have strong psychic abilities They may be able to read minds, or heal, or even kill with a thought Psions are sometimes treated as useful citizens, but often are looked on with suspicion or held captive and used for their talents by the unscrupulous Pat is involved in the law enforcement end, tracking down those using their psionic talent for illegal motives Kyn works for the Institute for Psionic Research, responsible for finding exploited psions and running rescue operations Once the two were friends, and very briefly lovers Now they are reunited in the search for a young psion with a killing talent When they find Luka, his painful past wakes nightmare visions of Kyn s own history And it turns out that a young, manipulable man who can kill with a thought is a hot commodity for than one user.I enjoyed this story, although it was a bit tropey The rape subplots and the push him away because I m not good enough for him despite
I have to start this by stating that I was one of the beta readers for this novel, which is why I can review it a month before its release date I ve read loads and loads of m m and written a few but I can say hand over heart that this is honestly one of the best m m books I ve ever read It is beautiful, both the writing style and the plot Through the entire story I was chewing my nails as I frantically scrolled the pages, wondering at every turn what was about to happen next.Luka is the perfect protagonist His story is a heart breaker, and he s nicely balanced by the struggles of Pat and Kyn for both one another, and with their line of work They work for an organization that captures psions, of which Luka is the most powerful one they ve ever witnessed He s grown up on the streets of his home planet and has known only abuse, first in the hands of his mother and then via the gang he falls into with, who use both his skills as a
3.5 starsPretty good first book in the series. 4.5 starThe world building in this series is outstanding and intricate in its detail and scope In this world, there doesn t seem to be any angst over being gay yay but there is suspicion and lack of acceptance when it comes to psions I pictured Downtown Riga as a sort of galactic ghetto slum version of Vegas, and the safe island was so idyllic that I want to visit The characters are complex, nuanced, and v
101,000 wordsNow available on 7 1 18 Currently FREE at the Smashwords summer sale Freebie at smashie right now I m proud to say that I was one of the privileged Spelling Wench Grammar Nazi reviewers of this novel before it went to print The author and I go wayyyyyy back and I was honored to read some of her first writings, back in the day To see that her writing has only gotten better, although it wasn t bad back then, makes the chance to beta read for her that much rewarding Psi Hunter is well written with an easy flow and great character development The combination of the individual story lines into one plot line makes this book what my father fondly called a son of a bitch book, because you get to where you might want to stop for the night, at 2 00 a.m., and you can t help but turn the pagewhich is then followed by the above quotes curse.I got so involved in the book that my boyfriend became concerned at
This book had a dark setting, lots of suspense, and plenty of drama to drive the plot forward Overall, it was an entertaining read.