Tragic Life Stories

Tragic Life StoriesSteve Duffy S Work Has Been Described As Exquisite And Heartbreaking Mark Flowers, Scool Library Journal , Compelling Charles Tan, Bibliophile Stalker , And Exceptional Full Of Menace, Thrills, And Growing Terror Mario Guslandi, The Short Review TRAGIC LIFE STORIES Demonstrates All These Qualities, Bringing The Classic Ghost Story Up To Date In A Way That Is As Unsettling As It Is Terrifying In These Nine Stories, Nothing Is What It Seems, No One Is Safe, And There Is Absolutely Nowhere To Hide. Steve Duffy is another of these fringe horror writers, who publish endless reams of from what I ve read of his oeuvre superb novellas and short stories Tragic Life Stories is a collection of his ferociously English tales that amazingly, for a short story collection all hit, just with varying success.Two things in particular I think it s pretty important to talk about with this work in mind are 1 These are stories about ghosts monsters that are not stories about ghosts monsters and Jaws is not a film about a shark.2 All but one of these stories are not horror in the conventional scary monster or spooky ghost sort of way.Tragic Life Stories the eponymous short is a look at the morality involved in enjoying a book about child abuse when written from the perspective of the child And conversely the morality regarding doing a Proper Job of writing an abused child It became obvious early on that he was focussed on creepy off camera stuff, rather than vile be tentacled monstrosities And when the pay off came and the true horror of the story was revealed to be crushi
In her introduction Barbara Roden notes a shift that occurred when author Steve Duffy decided to move from his early ghost stories, which resided in the world of M.R James antiquarian books and fireside chats among gentlemen of letters, to tales of terror set in a world recognizable to today s reader This choice, combined with an astonishing ear for common speech and a fascination with what makes people do what they do, is a defining characteristic of Duffy s recent writing The eeriness of his prose is often achieved by introducing something weird but entirely plausible into a situation that is mundane and familiar.We have been to these places, lived in these shabby yet comfortable apartments and houses, observed the odd behavior of a neighbor or a stranger and said, Hm I wonder what that s all about Finding out what that s all about is central to Duffy s fiction Both the question and the answer will stay with you.The title story begins with a writer, Dan, perusing the shelves of a local bookstore Emotionally stunned following the loss of a significant relationship and the cancellation of a boo
I enjoyed and strongly recommend this collection of stories Steve Duffy, again and again, creates vivid worlds that seem just like our own and then they don t Wonderfully crafted and creepy. Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of very varied short stories Very easy going style with unexpected twists and turns , the author has exposed with uncomfortable familiarity some of our innermost fears Just wished each tale was not so short Looking forward to of the same.