Taxi to Tashkent

Taxi to Tashkent This Is A Police State This Is A Democracy This Is Rot Gut Vodka This Is 2 Prostitutes This Is Peace Corps This Is Good Intentions This Is Ramadan This Is Loyalty This Is Power Outages This Is Corruption This Is The Silk Route This Is The Former USSR This Is Uzbekistan Tom Fleming Went To Uzbekistan As A Forty Year Old Peace Corps Volunteer He Was A Fish Out Of Water, An Infidel In A Muslim Land, Teaching AIDS Prevention And Sex Education In The Most Conservative Region Of Central Asia With Humor And Poignancy Taxi To Tashkent Portrays A Land Little Known In The West Instead Of A Nation Rife With Islamic Extremists As Portrayed In The Western Media, Fleming Discovers A Land Of Korean Discos, Where Blue Eyed Muslims Listen To Shania Twain, And Where Shop Owners Break Into Applause At The Mention Of America Fleming Travels Throughout Uzbekistan, From The Ecological Disaster Site Of The Aral Sea, To The Ancient Silk Route Cities Of Bukhara And Samarkand Taxi To Tashkent Describes A Little Known Corner Of The World Where Nothing Appears As It Seems. Taxi to Tashkent is by 40 year old American Peace Corps volunteer Tom Fleming This is a diary format account of two years which he spent in Uzbekistan, teaching AIDS prevention and sex education in the conservative Fergana Valley region One can hardly imagine aillustrative example of East West culture clashes than this, and this interesting book certainly bears this out.I must admit it took me some time to warm
I learned not to join the peace corps This was not a bad read considering it was self published Fleming accomplishes what every memoirist must He creates himself as an interesting character I found myself wanting to
Never been there and unlikely ever to visit, but this book was brilliant It has a captivating moodiness and a good balance between Uzbek history, local colour and the personal journey of the outsider on the inside. I know the author and the country It was interesting to read about someone s Peace Corps experience in my beloved country but 10 years later I laughed outloud several times. Updatefinally finished his PC experience was so different from mine not a happy bookreading this slowly at Christine s house SOME TRAVELERS PINE for19th century British styled travel narratives from Americans Remember those Men filled with the powerful thoughts of superiority and such puny limbs that they had to hire half a nation to carry their baggage Men who wrote about the glorious empire and yet were too ignorant to even tip their hat and say, Excuse me, in the local tongue Some folks got noconscience than a cow in a stampede The only American author I have read who emulates the British is our SOME TRAVELERS PINE for19th century British
This is the HoTPCA January 08 book for the monthly book club Written by Austin RPCV Tom Fleming. I have to read this as soon as I get back to the US Tom said I am in it Another book I read to prepare for an upcoming trip to Uzbekistan It s well written and very interesting. lots of things that i had with him

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