Owl Eyes ( Black Owl Trilogy, #1)

Owl Eyes ( Black Owl Trilogy, #1) Otto Is A Boy Who Was Grown Up By His Uncle Jefferson.Since He Became Orphaned Of His Parents When He Was Just Seven Years Old.But He Had Big Difficulties In All Disciplines In His School, And Because Of This, He Was Threatened To Repeat One School Year.His Uncle Was A Quite Alone Man And Enjoyed Spending Most Of His Time Reading Scientific Books One Day, He Researched About Owls.Then He Discovered That They Were The Symbol Of Wisdom.Owls Were So Wise As Any Genius On Earth.Since Then, He Decided To Make A Risky Experiment, Involving An Owl And His Own Nephew Otto. This was really good too I loved the main character especially when he grew up and had to wear sunglasses a lot of the time At first, he had no friends, then he got a couple and maybe even a girlfriend Highly recommended book. This one is available now.