Blindsided (International Men of Sports #4)

Blindsided (International Men of Sports #4) International Men Of Sports Come With Us Around The World As The Men Who Compete In Their Country S Most Popular Sports Find That, Though It S Not Always Easy To Win In The Game Of Love, It S The Only Victory Worth Having Blindsided By T.A Chase Devon Rhodes This Is Book Four In The International Men Of Sports Series When Liam Is Transferred To Melbourne, He S Blindsided By His Growing Feelings For The Hottest Lifeguard On The Beach Luckily Matty Knows Mouth To MouthHow Did Alone Turn Into Lonely Rugby Player Liam Holmes Is Forced To Ponder That When He S Transferred From Canberra To Melbourne, Away From His Cousin And All That S Familiar It S Part Of Playing Pro, Adjusting To A New Team And Teammates, But Liam Finds Himself Searching For Something Than His Career Matty Loves The Beach And Being A Lifeguard Is All He S Ever Wanted To Do He Notices The New Hottie At The Beach Right Away And Wonders What His Story Is When He Encounters Him At The Pub, He Takes The Reserved League Player Under His Wing And Into His Group Of Mates, And They Soon Become Fast Friends Friends Isn T All They Want To Stay, However And Once They Give In To Their Attraction, The Two Are Blindsided By The Emotions That Come With Their Deepening Relationship Can Two Men Without Any Experience At Relationships Both Navigate Their Way To Steady Ground T.A Chase Devon Rhodes About The Authors T.A Chase There Is Beauty In Every Kind Of Love, So Why Not Live A Life Without Boundaries Experiencing Everything The World Offers Fascinates TA And Writing About The Things That Make Each Of Us Unique Is How She Shares Those Insights When Not Writing, TA S Watching Movies, Reading And Living Life To The Fullest Devon Rhodes Devon Started Reading And Writing At An Early Age And Never Looked Back At 39 And Holding, Devon Finally Figured Out The Best Way To Channel Her Midlife Crisis Was To Morph From Mild Mannered Stay At Home Mom To Erotic Romance Writer She Lives In Oregon With Her Family, Who Are Mostly Understanding Of All The Time She Spends On Her Laptop, Aka The Black Hole. Hot gorgeous professional rugby player Liam sees hot gorgeous professional lifeguard Matty on a beach in Melbourne and when they run into each other at a local pub, sparks fly It takes a while for each man to realize they play on the same team well, Liam is bisexual, so I suppose they play in the same league as they slowly move from friends to lovers, but they soon having hot gorgeous sex together Recent acquisition Liam is just finding his footing with his new team and isn t out to anyone yet although his first cautious attempts meet with no homophobic outrage Liam is welcomed into Matty s group of friends, each with their own drama Essentially, this is the plot of Blindsided.While this story features two very likable characters, there is no deep emotional impact in their relationship and little development of Liam and Matty as a couple I felt too much of the story revolves around the exploits of thei
3.5 StarsI love a rugby romance I liked the core story between Matty and Liam very much It is slow burn friends to lovers though they are always attracted to each other and it was really nice to watch them fall in like and then love Liam gets kittens and its great However, there isn t enough of rugby or of being a professionial life guard The friend drama is intersting but the writing in these section is less well done though Liam s rugby pal is interesting and I kinda hope f
I ve enjoyed this series so far with it s stories set across different countries and involving sports that don t get written about so much This one was special, being set in home country, and involving a rugby player and a surf lifesaver.The story was nice, a gentle build of a relationship that begins when Liam moves to Melbourne as part of a professional transfer and sees Matty working at the beach.I liked the story It was cute and fun I liked the characters and the setting.I enjoyed seeing Aussie terminology because yes, thongs are footwear and bum bags are useful for holding your stuff and the local expressions.I am going to make a comment here, because it is noticeable through the story, although it didn t detract from my enjoyment at allthe terminology does get a bit mixed up Mom makes an appearance, they hav
4.5 StarsMan, talk about your slow burns, this story takes slow burn to a whole new level, but I absolutely loved it Matty and Liam were such sweet and lovable guys and I really enjoyed getting to know them They fit together perfectly, and although I wasn t sure they would ever get it together, they eventually manage to and once they did, it was sweet, explosive and passionate I loved the progression of their relationship from friends to lovers, it felt natural and organic They really took their time getting to know one another I thought Matty s job as a lifeguard was interesting and I especially loved the scenes that took place at the beach.Both Matty and Liam had interesting friends, some of which really piqued my interest, especially Sean, Colin and Leon I m hoping the authors will give these men their own stories Matty and Liam were lucky to have a
A Joyfully Jay review 3.5 starsThis is a slow burn love story I ll be honest, I wanted sports Also, I felt as if these guys really could have been anywhere particularly a west coast US locale instead of Melbourne Considering what I know about Aussies, the ozone layer, and rising skin cancer rates, well, these folks spend an unexpected amount of time in the direct, beachy sunlight Setting aside a few dialect choices, I couldn t feel any Australian vibes coming through.I liked how Liam built good friendships, and I loved how Matty and Liam dealt with bigots in their midst Liam, who is bisexual, was nervous to come out to his teammates, and the situation there turns out better than expected I felt the angst was low, which was nice Unfortunately, the story felt a bit generic Like, with the setting and the lack of ru
Can I just say how much I loved this book Didn t understand half of the Aussie isms and rugby flies right over my head, but I adored this book It was just so much fun He d never met or spoken to the man, but he instinctively knew from his orientation toward the water and regular presence that the ocean drew him in, that he took some sort of solace from the constancy of the sea meeting sand, water meeting sky Liam, after moving to Melbourne to join the local rugby team, is lonely But he finds some type of solace at the nearby beach, where he can be in the midst of a crowd, even if he is alone It doesn t hurt that the eye candy lifeguard is there too When he runs into the man at the local pub, Liam takes a chance and approaches him, hoping to strike up a conversation, if nothing else What he doesn t know is that the lifeguard, Matty, has been watching him as well.When the object of his lust just happens to walk up to him at his local pub, Matty is over the moon But it is than lust that makes him happy to finally get to the talk to the giant of a man Liam is fun to be with Friendship with the large man is easy, and soon there is a lot than friendship brewing between the pair But not everyone would be thrilled to find out that these two men want each other, and with each step closer they have to fight the weight of Liam s first love rugby and Matty s friends One wrong move and someone coul
3.5 stars I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Australian rugby offers a much welcome twist to the sports romance genre and this story twists the conventional tropes a little bit further because most of the story happens during evenings, weekends and the offseason.I loved Liam from the first pages and his lonely life after a surprise transfer to a new city is humanising and makes him feel less like a celebrity and like an ordinary guy At the start, Matty is probably the interesting character but his tiresome work pub home becomes a little bit tedious While I liked the idea of focusing on Liam s life off the pitch and Matty s life beyond the beach, the reality is that work is the most interesting part of both men s lives Their pub and Netflix routines aren t terribly exciting and the dramas between Matty s pub mates didn t really hold my attention At times the book dragged and it felt like I was stalking a slightly boring colleague s social media a
Blindsided Men of Sports Dreamspinner Press 1 by T.A Chase Devon Rhodes4 starsM M Sports romanceTriggers HomophobiaI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.Liam is learning a new town He has just been traded to a new rugby team and despite loving what he does, he misses his old town He found a beach he likes to frequent and while there, catches the eye of lifeguard, Matty Matty has a great group of friends They usually gather at the local watering hole at night to laugh and catch up He sees Liam while working and surreptitiously watches him Liam is one attractive guy.Needless to say, the sports truly take a background to the romance that is budding between the characters It is a slow burn romance and one that is well developed I am truly hoping th
Whilst I loved the story, as an actual Australian who lives in Melbourne the slang used was appalling I have never heard half the words the characters used, it was the worst type of cliche, purpertrated by someone who watched Crocodile Dundee 20 years ago and now thinks they know everything abou
I m just tearing myself through this series What took me so long I ve had these books for ages.