Morgans Return (Morgan Selwood, #2)

Morgans Return (Morgan Selwood, #2) When You Delve Into Ancient History You Never Know What Strange Forces You Might UnleashWhen Morgan Selwood And Admiral Ashkar Ravindra Travel To Morgan S Human Coalition To Learn About The Origin Of Ravindra S People, Their Relationship Is Soon Sorely Tested Morgan Is Amongst Her Own People And Ravindra Is Overprotective And Insecure, Afraid Of Losing Her But Not Everyone Is Keen To Welcome Morgan Home, Not When They D Gone To All That Trouble To Get Rid Of Her In The First Place Soon Morgan And Ravindra Have A Rogue Supertech On Their Trail With Only One Goal Kill SelwoodTogether, Morgan And Ravindra Follow A Tenuous Trail Back Into Humanity S Past, To The Time Historians Call The Conflagration But What Begins As An Innocent Archaeological Investigation Escalates Into A Deadly Peril For Both Humans And Manesai When Morgan And Ravindra Are Thrust Into The Middle Of An Unexpected Conflict And That Rogue Supertech S Still Out There, Itching For Revenge I love Ms Van Der Rol s SF romances It s great reading about Morgan and her adventures It s full of action and misterious discoveries Wonderful book I ll love readingabout her I just love this series Morgan is a wonderful heroine who never lets the reader down The chemistry between her and Ravindra is HOT This isn t erotica, and frankly it s not needed to make you feel the sizzling attraction between the 2 leads The sci
The blub had me worried about their romance but it was all good Whew I also had a problem with the fact that Morgan was terrified of caves in book 1, but now in book 2 she is fearless and our hero is the one with the problem in the underwater caves Still, it is a very enjoyable read Space opera and romanceI know there will be a sequel because those blue things are still out there There are so many variables in how these characters will interact it is going to be a great ride. Highly enjoyable yarn would love to seeof Morgan and Ravindra Great read for the lovers of space opera. An excellent sequel to Morgan s Choice, continuing with the interstellar politics and a rousing love story Space opera at its best.